29 August 2018


By John Ollis

In two days time we leave home to fly to Singapore and onto Indonesia (Sunday afternoon) to commence on Monday next 23 hours of class teaching over four and a half days. I had believed my overseas teaching ministry was over but have felt to go one more time (at least).
I am using every form of media I  use to seek continued prayer support for this Ministry Trip.
Previously, there has been 300+ students in the class, (I am not aware of this year’s figure) and am very aware of the tremendous privilege and responsibility I have. I so want to anointed, alert and sensitive to the Holy Spirit so the Lord will use me to speak into all these students lives.
In a few days I turn 77, and am becoming very aware of the “aging process” would you also pray  that physically and mentally I will fulfil this awesome opportunity well.
We again return home via Singapore for a few days R&R following the class.
Within days of returning home I will be preaching in the local Presbyterian church, and then the Leadership meeting of a local Pentecostal church, the Lord is still opening doors for me, He sure isn’t finished with me yet.
I thank you in anticipation for your prayer support.