9 January 2019


By John Ollis

Isn’t TECHNOLOGY a wonderful thing? I know it can be used for evil purposes, but what a blessing it can be to many people. Almost every week there are new aspects of technology being announced in the media, at 77 I find it hard to keep up with it all, I have used for example FB & WhatsApp for many years, both for sharing truths and blessings the Lord has given to me, plus,  whenever I am going to preach or teach somewhere I send out PRAYER REQUESTS, and the results have been remarkable. For instance, when I went to Indonesia in September to teach an Intensive course for a week, the Anointing of the Holy Spirit so rested on me I felt I went to a new level of ministry.
I love WordPress where I can write my blogs, and until recently until FB changed their settings, I could also send them through FB. A friend tells me there is a way to do it again, and soon I trust this will be happening again.
I use Instagram, and YouTube, and have used Linkedin & Skype in the past. My new foray into technology is using WhatsApp to do video (face to face/one on one) Discipling & Mentoring. My readers know how committed I am to what I call Biblical Discipling and Mentoring and that it must have a face to face/one on one component. As much of my ministry these days is  relating to brothers (spiritual sons) in Africa and India and South East Asia, there is of course the time difference, and at the moment we are in “Daylight saving time”, so this adds an additional hour (until April) onto the time difference. I am trying to meet as often as I can with these brothers individually. It is bringing me such personal blessing, and I believe I am sincerely speaking into their lives and they are truly growing in the Lord. I also meet weekly personally with another young man here in our town, who has a strong call of God his life.
It has been suggested I consider doing some video teaching as well, I can’t get my head around that at the moment, so would ask you to pray with me, that if this is truly of the Lord, He will make it clear to me.
So I have entered 2019 with much excitement in my heart, as the Lord has given me new strategy regarding my Intercessory Ministry, (see my last blog 2019 Intercession & Revival) and now this video Discipling.
I am preaching 5-6 times in the next 3 months in our local church, plus the Lord using my Pastoral Ministry there as well, so my life is full and I say than kyou jesus, that my latter days will be as blesst and fruitful as my younger days AMEN