31 January 2019


By John Ollis

Over ten years ago I was diagnosed that I had Type 2 Diabetes which continues to be kept under control by diet to this day so I do not have to take medication or Insulin. Our government is extremely supportive medically for Diabetics paying for Optical tests, Blood tests, Podiatry and many other things to see the disease is kept under control.

Today I had my annual Optical test, drops are placed in the eyes to assist the Optometrist with his testing. I actually had 2 separate lots of drops today, and 4 hours later my sight is still blurry. The result is though that my sight is NOT being effected by Diabetes Praise the Lord.

I began to think how we take our faculties (senses) for granted, yet life would be so difficult if we did not have for example our sight. The Bible has quite a lot to say about sight both natural and spiritual, and I mentioned this in my recent blog “Further thoughts on surrender”. Job writes in 31:1 New Living

I made a covenant with my eyes, not to look with lust at a young woman   The MESSAGE expresses it this way “I made a solemn pact with myself never to undress a girl with my eyes.

God has made us males very visual, and that is why I wrote we must surrender our senses and drives to the Lord constantly. Technology has brought to us pornography on all our devices, we must make a decision of our wills (with the Lord helping us) to do what Paul encourages us to do in Phil. 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things.

Not only meditate on these things but ONLY LOOK on those things that are pleasing to the Lord.

I mentioned my sight was blurry because of the drops, I asked myself today “John, how is your spiritual sight” in hindsight Ihave realised my spiritual sight has been blurry, I am a product of a particular School of Theological Thought which often closed my eyes to any other thought, and it has taken me a while to really let the Holy Spirit lead me in revelation and understanding of the Word of God. I am not suggesting my spiritual sight is perfect, and I realise I must keep working at it if I want to have constant 20-20 SPIRITUAL VISION. I need to:

1.Maintain a spirit of Repentance, ever changing my attitudes, affections,

2.Keeping short accounts with the Lord and with man, because God will not listen and talk to me if I have sin in my heart Psalm 66:18 New Living

3.Staying hungry and open to hear the Lord’s voice and SEE the truth in God’s Word.

4. Keep falling in love with the Lord and deepening my intimacy with Him.

I have challenged my heart as I wrote this blog today, I pray the Holy Spirit with challenge your heart, and God helping you, you will have 20-20 SPIRITUAL vision.

Your comments and responses are always appreciated.