21 May 2019


By John Ollis

It is late Autumn here in Australia, and the nights are getting cooler, so we need the heating on, and our electric blankets on to warm up our beds before we go to sleep. Outside our home is a large deciduous tree, and it has now lost almost all its leaves, some of them are ending up inside our house.

Just today I have written a WhatsApp message to many friends to thank them for responding to my prayer request about a week ago and praying with me as I have had to make an important decision, one that I had been putting off and hoping would go away. I am talking about the “aging process” and the reality that I am physically slowing down and literally cannot do anymore many of the things I have taken for granted especially in relation to my public Ministry. I have already had some lovely replies and some have mentioned the need to recognise the changing of the seasons in one’s life and ministry. I guess it is over a year ago now I asked the Lord to give me some other expressions of ministry as I could see some of my public ministry was getting less and less. The Lord wonderfully led me into a Ministry of Intercession and as I have written about already, the privilege of visiting so many people and ministries almost every day around the world. I love Psalm 80:1 NKJV as I am enjoying meeting the Lord every day (in the Holy of Holies) to lift up His servants to Him. Give ear, O Shepherd of Israel, You who lead the flock You who dwell between the cherubim shone forth.

I am so enjoying writing almost daily at least one blog, it is such a privilege to share God’s Word in this way.

This year, I have also begun to do more Mentoring both face to face and through Video WhatsApp, I am so thankful the Lord is giving me more sons to help lead to maturity.

I read a Scripture today that so blest me, it is found in Daniel 2:21 NKJV it is part of a prayer that Daniel prayed. “And He changes the times and the seasons”; Daniel may have primarily been speaking of the 4 natural seasons we have each year, but it is just as true for His people and His Ministries, I have been a little slow to come to terms with this, but I am now rejoicing in this change and it is with an excitement in my heart I look forward to all the Lord wants to do in and through me.