28 June 2019


By John Ollis

I guess because I am also aging, I have become more aware of people around me who also have some difficulty walking. I realise more than ever, I must watch where and how I walk, as I have had some major falls, that have produced a broken leg, and a dislocated arm, and many painful bruises. The difficulties I have experienced is not only aging but also because I had a nasty staph infection in my left knee for over 2 years, and after tests it was discovered I also had developed osteoporosis, which requires life long treatment. I have said all that because I read recently the words of King David in Psalm 18:33 AMP O.T. He makes my feet like hinds’ feet [able to stand firmly or make progress on the dangerous heights of testing and trouble]; He sets me securely upon my high places. The PASSION Translation says :Through you I ascend to the highest peaks of your glory, to stand in the heavenly places, strong and secure in you.

David’s growing relationship with the Lord had so strengthened his ability to stand strong, that he could testify that in the most difficult and potentially dangerous situations he was able to STAND & WALK in victory despite the testings and trials of life.

I have learnt for example when I go out for my daily walks not to be distracted, and to be very aware where I take each step otherwise I could easily stumble and fall. Spiritually it is easy to get distracted and caught up with secondary (and sometimes sinful) things that can cause us stumble. I am also more than ever aware of my Jer. 17:9 heart, that internally something can happen that could cause me to stumble, just as physically from time to time my knee wants to collapse, and I would fall, but for the security I have in using a walking stick.

Paul repeats himself over and over again about the importance of WALKING BY FAITH, WALKING IN THE SPIRIT. As there is NO STANDING STILL in the Christian life it must be EVER ONWARD & EVER UPWARD, that is why David said HE SETS ME ON HIGH PLACES.

Let us not get slack and lazy, but discipline our selves, to spend quality time with God in PRAYER & THE WORD EVERY DAY, so that like a hind we can skip over the rocky hard places and keep on ever going higher. So let me ask you a question today.