19 May 2021


By John Ollis

I have been very encouraged and blest by the response to what has become a series on PREPARING FOR PENTECOST SUNDAY, it is only a few years ago that I began to understand what LENT was all about, then I began to think about “Why don’t we reflect also on Pentecost”, so that is what I have been seeking to do these last few days.

Some months ago I began blogging about the fact that I believed the Covid-19 pandemic was a “wake up” call to the Church, as we embrace the awesome truth that our God is sovereign and therefore was not surprised in any way regarding the pandemic, but has permitted it to happen for every Believers GOOD Rom. 8:28. I am not suggesting the enemy has not put his grubby hands into the situation, but I am 100% convinced, the Lord wants His people to draw ever nearer to Him, including the need to have a lifestyle of repentance and surrender.

So much has happened in the world since the pandemic broke, including much political tension in many nations and a militaristic attitude being expressed by some nations.

Sadly, I have not seen or been made aware of the Church around the world responding in a positive way to all that has been happening, so I began to feel, that we are ON THE DOORSTEP OF THE LORD’S RETURN, and very soon Jesus would break through the clouds and return for His Church.

So, I had come to the place where I felt there would not be any further ingathering of souls and revival in these last days.

But, as I have been preparing my heart for Pentecost Sunday there has come a fresh awareness that as we read in Isaiah 43:19 NLT

For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?
I will make a pathway through the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.

I am having to learn afresh to see the current situation in the world as the Lord sees it, and because of His everlasting unfailing love, He wants to see more of His creation entering into the Kingdom of God.

So I have had to repent and ask the Lord for His forgiveness and begin claiming and believing afresh His awesome promises regarding end-time revival.

I don’t know what is your personal opinion, but if you have been happy (like me) to have a remnant mentality, may the Lord open your eyes and ears and see what the Lord wants to do in your specific area and country.