10 April 2013

Be Wise About The "Sinners Prayer"

By John Ollis

Dear Friends, I do hope you will subscribe to my website/blog. My only desire is to be a blessing to you.
I had great intentions three years ago  to regularly maintain this site, but with overseas ministry and then some health issues, this did not happen.
As my travelling days are now basically over it is my intention to weekly write a blog. At least 10 years ago people starting giving me encouraging “words” to write a book. As I felt my teaching needed to be “caught” as well as taught I refrained from doing so. Then I recently started to realize that I needed to reproduce myself, and so it is my intention to regularly share about Discipleship, and Mentoring, and whatever else the Lord lays on my heart. My blogging may eventuate into an e.book, but that is in the Lord’s hands and in His  time.
The first thought I want to share with you today is that when we lead someone in the “Sinners Prayer”  we do not assume that Salvation has taken place but seek to assess that they have assurance of sins forgiven (1 John 5.13). It is not just the confession of the mouth but also the believing of the heart (Romans 10.10), and the role of the Discipler is to see that the “seed” of God’s Word has entered their heart (1 Peter 1.23).
The Christian church is filled with 1000’s of people who have prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and are hoping they are saved. This was made very clear to me when I did Billy Graham Counsellor training way back in 1950’s.
Don’t commence follow up 2 or 3 days after the decision is made, start immediately if it is at all possible. I look forward to your feedback. Over the next few weeks I will share what I believe is “Biblical Discipleship” and howB to become a Mentor and truly fulfill the great Commission.