14 April 2013

What is Biblical Discipleship?

By John Ollis

In my first major blog last week, I talked about the fact that it is essential that we see that the person who has prayed the Sinner’s prayer has assurance of sins forgiven (1 John 5.13) It is wonderful when a person prays the prayer and instantly knows they are born again. Sadly, i have met 100’s of people who had to pray the prayer 2 or 3 or 4 times before the spiritual transaction took place.

We must become wise and efficient midwives when we become involved in the “birthing process”. We must be able to discern when a person is under conviction of sin and that the Holy Spirit is drawing them to God the Father, and that the confession with the mouth and the believing in the heart (Rom.10.10) come together.

For many, it is just the beginning of a pilgrimage that may take days, weeks or even months before they know without a doubt they are born again. That is why from day 1 we must walk with that person, (keep that in mind, it is a hint of more to come).

We all know the great Commission verses especially Matt.28:18-20, but why do so many misinterpret these verses?

1. It is not get people to make decisions, but “MAKE DISCIPLES”,and to see them planted in a local church.

2. There is nothing magical about the Sinner”s Prayer”.

3. Discipleship includes teaching, but it is SO MUCH MORE.

4. Biblical Discipleship is taking the new believer to maturity, and he becoming a  disciple maker.

Turn with me to John 21:15-17. We have heard many sermons from these verses particularly about the fact Jesus uses the Greek word for love Agape in verses 15 and 16, then having to use Phileo in verse 17, and the fact Peter could only use the word Phileo in his responses to Jesus.

There are 2 more very important truths in these verses. In verses  15 and 17 Jesus says Feed (Greek Bosko) my Lambs and Sheep, and in verse 16 take care,tend (Greek Poimaino) Shepherd my sheep. Why did Jesus use 2 distinctly different words to describe Discipleship ? Why did Jesus highlight Lambs and sheep?

Discipleship is not a brief teaching course, DISCIPLESHIP/MENTORING IS FOR LIFE.

I trust the above has created questions in your mind, plus I asked last week “what are the Keys of the Kingdom? – the sermon I preached on Sunday. We will start answering these questions in my next blog.

I trust you had a blessed Sunday, and that you slept well last night, remember,