18 April 2013

The Three Key Truths From John 21:15-17

By John Ollis

In my previous teaching blog I made the point that most preachers and teachers seem to major on the 2 different words that are used for LOVE in these verses.
In verses 15 & 16 Jesus asks Peter, “do you AGAPE me”.
In Romans 5.5 we are told the Agape love of God is poured out into our hearts the moment we are born again and the Holy Spirit comes into life, and our responsibility is not dam it up but let it flow. As husbands we must Agape our wives (as Christ loved the Church, and gave Himself for it.) – Ephesians 5.25. Believers are commanded to Agape one another even our enemies – John 13.34. I believe Peter had some comprehension of this Divine love, remember he had just been restored from his backsliding and I am sure he did not want to lie to Jesus.
Although he was a rugged fisherman, like every Jewish boy he would have studied the Scriptures in the synagogue. He knew what the scriptures said about loving, and he could not at that stage say he could fulfill it.
In Psalm 40.6 we are told to LOVE HIS SALVATION
In Psalm 69.36 we are told to LOVE HIS NAME
In Psalm 97.10 we are to so LOVE THE LORD,WE MUST HATE (not tolerate) EVIL
In Psalm 119.97 we are told to LOVE THE LAW OF THE LORD,
If we love the Lord we will keep His commandments (John 14.15), Peter heard Jesus say those words, and he knew at that time he could not fulfill them. oh how things changed on the day of Pentecost, praise God!
So, Peter honestly replied Jesus ”I Phileo you”. I love you as a brother, as a special friend, and even though Peter could not respond with Jesus I Agape you,. So in verse 17 Jesus uses the word Phileo and  still gives Peter three great Commissions  in verses 15 16 & 17 which we will look at starting next week.
In the Commissions, we see 2 very important truths, the 2 groups we are to Disciple,  and the 2 words Jesus used regarding 2 very important aspects of Discipling/Mentoring. Sadly these areas have been neglected or misinterpreted, and consequently often we have not seen the quality disciple Jesus wants us to be.
If ever there was a generation that needed to get it right it is the generation in which we live. The devil knows his time is short, and I believe he is spewing deception and compromise out of the pit of hell like never before,  we need to know what the scriptures teach and truly fulfill them.