18 April 2013

A New Season

By John Ollis

Dear friends,

 I have been thinking about seasons in our lives, and considering the various seasons I (we) have experienced in my life, especially ministry wise.
Every new season presents awesome opportunities, great challenges, but much fruit for the Glory of God. The biggest challenge is to DISCERN when the Lord wants to move us into a new season, and to OBEY the prompting of the Lord when it comes. There is always the fear of the unknown, and we must learn to step out in faith like Peter, and at times it will seem like walking on water, but the Lord is very much with you, and the end result will always be more blessing and fruitfulness.
Particularly last year, I began to feel the Lord wanted to move me into a new season, initially I fought it, as it was to do with curtailing my overseas travelling ministry, and I wondered what I would do with myself, as because of my travels I had little time or opportunity to be involved locally.
Late August I met with a local Pastor of a Charismatic church in my town, and over coffee he asked me would I consider mentoring his 8 Key Leaders. He said he saw the need and as this was an area the Lord had really used me in asked me, I agreed, in the context of my overseas travels. This has and is an exciting journey, as the leaders have wonderfully responded, and are now mentoring the next generation. I seek to meet one on one with them regularly, and monthly as a total group.
Then at the end of the year, he (the Pastor) came to visit and said he wanted to start a local Bible School, and would I be interested in teaching at it, again I said yes in the context of my overseas travels. I am doing the majority of the teaching.
Soon after that the “Staff” infection broke out and began to do damage to my knee, I was still hoping and planning to continue my travels, having accepted invitations to 4 schools in May & June this year..
In February I was asked if I would preach every 2nd Sunday in the local church we are planted in, I agreed but still in the context of my travels. I also receive other numerous invitations to preach as well in other churches.
I guess it is now 5 weeks since I came to the realisation (I have been so slow on this one) that I was to step into a new season and lay down my travels. We flew to Singapore to finalise my activities, I have travelled to Asia close to 200 times and there was always an excitement in my spirit, but that passion has literally gone (except in prayer).
Lastly, again about 5 weeks ago, I was asked to consider teaching a Day Bible Study, I commenced this week, I am teaching on the book of Ephesians, especially in the context of continuing to grow in the Lord and finish well. I was overwhelmed at the number who came.
Why did I have a fear I would have nothing to do? My heart is filled with such excitement at all these awesome opportunities the Lord has opened up to me. Will you pray with me that much fruit for the Lord’s glory will come of this new season.
Next Tuesday, I conclude 12 weeks on Introduction to Doctrine, the other subjects I will be doing this year, are,   Small Group Leadership, Marriage & Family, and Margaret and I will do a Praise & Worship Course.
So each week I have:

  • The Mentoring Program
  • The Local Bible School
  • The day Bible Study
  • Regular Preaching

Plus not forgetting now starting to put all my teaching in Blogs. The opportunity to reproduce myself, and my teaching ministry just blows me away, almost 4000 people are receiving my blogs. To God be all the GLORY!