22 May 2013

8 Keys To Protect The Mind (Part 4)

By John Ollis

This series of teaching blogs have produced quite a response, this is not a surprise and it is one of the biggest areas of challenge for every believer especially men. Yet, so few Pastors & Leaders spend much time in this area in their discipleship programs why ?? One class teaching on the mind will not be sufficient for a New Christian to learn victory in this area. I am convinced it requires Bosko ministry (one on one) as well. In a group it is easy to hide or if questioned lie, but if the Mentor has built a trust relationship with the person there is a greater chance of honesty. It is a universal problem. Experts tell us that most men have at least SIX (6) sexual thoughts every hour!!!!!!
God has created men to be very visual (the media has also tried to suggest this is a woman’s problem as well). God has made man the initiator in relationships with the opposite sex, so we are very easily effected by a pretty face, and that is not a problem unless the looking becomes sinful. Jesus said even looking longingly at a woman can be the same as committing adultery.
Key no. 6 This is especially for the guys.  Turn with me to Job 31.1 This was written many thousands of years ago, Job says “I have made a covenant( before God) with my eyes, why then should I look lustfully on a woman ?”.  The modern Message Bible puts it this way “ I made a solemn pact with myself never to undress a girl with my eyes”. Sadly man is very capable of doing this. For many it became a habit before they came to Christ, or the peer pressure when a group of guys get together.
Some of you may have heard and read some of the “Every” series such as” Every Young man’s battle” co-authored by 2 young  Christian guys who had an eye problem. They read Job 31.1 and decided before they left home each morning they would covenant before God, than when they looked on a girl they would see her as God’s creation NOT as a sexual object. The first 2 weeks nothing seemed to change, the third it got easier, and by the 5th week the habit pattern was broken. I encourage all men to daily to make a “covenant with their eyes”.
The greatest challenge of this generation is the internet, it is such a blessing and such a potential curse. Sadly, too many Christian men (including leaders) are getting hooked on internet pornography. I personally have had to minister to hundreds of young men regarding this.
Can I recommend you go to www.xxxchuch.com and down load the program  it is free shareware. It is not a blocking program, it will ask you for the email address of a brother you are willing to be accountable too. The program will then send a report every 2 weeks to the accountability brother.  This free program has helped hundreds of thousands of men. If you would like to use me as your accountability brother write and ask for my email address.
Some people may require a password controlled program which usually have a cost involved, there is “Covenant Eyes” produced by the “Promise Keepers “ in U.S. and another program called “Safe Eyes”. You may want to Google them and see what they offer.
There will never be real spiritual victory or real sexual purity until we have victory over our eyes.
Guys, there is no problem with the initial look and attraction, but we must look for the inner beauty of Godliness and a vision for the Kingdom of God in the person.. Sadly I know many people who think they are beautiful outwardly but have neglected the inner beauty. 50% of all marriages in the West end in divorce and many of these divorces resulted because the relationship was just built on physical attraction alone. Guys we can live pure in 2013.