17 May 2013

8 Keys To Protect The Mind (Part 3)

By John Ollis

I trust if you have had some problems with your mind (temptations) recently you have used the 3 keys I have shared with you. Salvation is so much more that getting our sins forgiven and receiving Christ as our personal Saviour and Lord. His death and resurrection obtained for us an inheritance that makes it possible for us to live a life of victory and purity. There are so many keys available to us so that every time we can defeat the enemy when we make use of all the weapons the Lord has given us.

Key no. 4 I sincerely believe that when we are born again and the Holy Spirit comes into our life we can receive a personal prayer language, this is the right and privilege of every believer. Tens of Millions of Christians around the world daily use their prayer language, in their prayer time, it is so good when we run of words in our own language, we can spend time in Thanksgiving, Praise, Worship, and Intercession praying in tongues. I also believe the scriptures teach us that praying in tongues is a weapon of warfare, so that when we feel under attack we can militantly pray against the attack using our prayer language. Just as the enemy of our souls hates the Blood of Christ, the Name of Jesus, The confessing of God’s Word, he hates it when a believer uses their prayer language especially against his attacks.

Key no.5 Is similar to number 4. Remember Paul & Silas had obeyed Paul’s dream which included the Macedonian call. Paul preached the Word, great things were happening, a demon possessed woman began to manifest so Paul cast the demon out. This caused such a reaction, they were arrested, beaten almost to death and thrown into the inner prison (which was no 5 star hotel).They were probably sitting in mud, rats running around their feet, their hands and feet in stocks and what happened? At midnight when emotionally, physically and mentally they were at their lowest they sang hymns and praised God. They sure weren’t praising God for the beatings and imprisonment, they had a revelation that God was ALWAYS WORTHY of praise, what a response the praise produced. Praise is also a weapon of warfare, maybe you are laying on your bed and feel an attack on your mind, you may have to get off the bed, put on a cd, begin walking up and down praising the Lord. Remember all these 3 I am sharing with you, are Keys to cast down/demolish/destroy (2 Cor.10.5) those sinful thoughts. For most believers you will not need to use all the keys I have shared so far, but if it is not having the results I suggest, then you may need to talk to a Pastor or Counsellor because the stronghold in your mind (2 Cor.10.4) may have become a demonic stronghold, and you may require some specialised personal ministry. I do look forward to your responses, if there is anything that needs clarification, or you have a question please ask.