20 February 2014


By John Ollis

We now come to the second last defect in Lev. 21.20. So many different words are used for this defect in the various translations, I list them for your interest :




Running sores


Skin trouble

Most of the physical defects fall into a couple of categories, let us have a look at them.

Scurvy, this was a common disease contracted by sailors in the past when they could not have access to fresh fruit, it also was a common disease in war prisoners many prisoner of war camps. It is caused by chronic Vitamin C deficiency. In other words a poor unbalanced diet. If you want 2014 to be a great year, I encourage you to spend more time in the Word of God,  reading it, studying it, and especially meditating on it, and letting the Holy Spirit speak to you. If it is a struggle to do it, remember “We have not, because we ask not” Ask the Lord and He will increase your spiritual appetite.

Eczema, The cause why some people contract eczema is unknown, there are numerous theories. It is a persistent skin condition, generally an itchy rash that can begin to ooze and bleed.


Are there certain people and situations that always seem to irritate and rub you up the wrong way. I am sure the answer is yes. sadly, we often just put up with it. A practical illustration is a tradesman who works with his hands and from time to time he knocks a knuckle and it begins to bleed and then scabs over, but as he is always using his hands, the wound never gets to properly heal, as in his work he knocks the scab off.

You may go for weeks or months and then something is said or done and its opens again a wound that you have received in the past, and you realise  you are not healed of it. Jesus says in Luke 4.18 (AMP) The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because He has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor; He has sent me to announce release to the captives and recovery of sight for the blind; to send forth delivered those who are oppressed, WHO ARE DOWNTRODDEN, BRUISED,CRUSHED AND BROKEN DOWN BY CALAMITY. Jesus wants to heal us of these past hurts, so it no longer limits us in our walk with God.

I have had numerous experiences over the years, like everyone else where people and situations have irritated and hurt me. On two occasions at least I asked the Lord to give me a special love for these persons, it has already been poured out into our hearts, (Rom.5.5) but we dam it up like in a reservoir so it cannot flow. In both cases, I let the love of God flow in my heart, and this brought healing. Sometimes will have to forgive and repent of the attitudes and sometimes the words we have spoken. Let us be sure there are no bruises, hurts, disappointments, broken dreams and feelings of rejection, they will poison our system and stop us, knowing and experiencing the blessing of God in our lives.

There is a real sense that the buck stops with us, if we will do as Jesus commands, that is  to love as He loves (even our enemies) and forgive those persons, immediately the healing will begin to flow. because of our humanness, we will face these situations many times, it should become easier, when we see that the Christian life is not fair, and is a no win situation, and we lay down and die. Remember God is our Vindicator, hopefully it will happen in this life, but if not now it will happen in the next.

It is interesting that this defect follows my special blog on Tuesday, about knowing to do something and NOT doing it is SIN (James 4.17) I think the Lord is speaking to His church about recognising the “defects”  and claiming our awesome inheritance we have through the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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