20 February 2014


By John Ollis

We now come to the very last defect listed in Lev. 21: 18-20. Again many different words are used to translate this defect, I list them for you.

Broken stones (KJV), a eunuch (NKJV), damaged testicles (NLT & AMP & MESSAGE)

Why God lists this as a defect I sure don’t know, you would think it would be a very uncommon occurrence amongst the priests. In simple terms, if a priest could not father children he was disqualified from ministry. What does this mean spiritually.

As Dawson Trotman the founder of the Navigators wrote, as believers we are “Born to Reproduce”. Puberty is not an easy time for most human beings, as so many changes start to take place in our bodies, and we have little control over them, especially the birth of the sexual drive within us. We guys and girls begin to feel attracted to the opposite sex, and start  to dream of marriage and having a family.

The day we were born again we became partakers of God’s divine nature (DNA) and with it should come a strong desire to witness and tell other people about Jesus, even if we can only say like Bartimaeus, “Once I was blind, but now I can see” I am changed, I am forgiven. We must continually partake of God’s divine nature (DNA)  so we can maintain that desire to reproduce.

Naturally the desire to reproduce diminishes as we grow older, but God’s plan is that we continue to spiritually reproduce  until he returns.

Here is another personal question,

Have you in any way communicated Jesus to someone lately?

Have you had the joy of leading someone to Faith ?

Are you discipling a new believer to see him grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ?

I guess this creates a  new question:


Under the Old Covenant a priest was disqualified if he had this or any other of those listed defects. I am so glad we are under the New Covenant, and we can be healed of this and every defect, through the finished work of Jesus. Surely as we deepen our intimacy with the Lord through prayer and the Word, and fellowship with God’s people (who also share God’s DNA) we should feel God’s heartbeat for a lost and dying world.

Do we have to repent for our lack of love for the lost and our disobedience in not fulfilling the Great Commission ?

I don’t want to conclude this series negatively, I trust with me you want to have 100’s of spiritual babies and see them come to maturity, remember Jesus prayed that none of the disciples would be lost, and should believe the same,and be good spiritual midwife and see new believers born and nurtured.

What has this series of blogs meant to you ?? I trust it has been a real blessing to you, and a challenge to really make 2014 a great year. Please feel free to copy and use this material to help and bless others. please write and tell me your response to these teachings.