21 April 2014


By John Ollis

It is Easter Monday morning as I sit at my laptop and write this Blog. Did you have a good Easter ? Were you especially blessed in some particular way? If you were please tell me about it. We personally were very blessed as we gathered on Friday morning and the 2 Sunday services. I had the privilege of preaching both on Friday morning and Sunday morning. It is so good we have these particular days to be able to spend some time thinking all about what Easter means.

I preached on Sunday morning from Paul’s words that Christ rose again for our Justification. Our Salvation would not have been complete unless Christ rose from the dead.

I am starting a new series of Blogs following this one today, spelling out the “Order of Salvation” or Ordus Salutis, it is a truth I love to teach, I had the privilege of going to Kiev (Ukraine) Hillsong College for quite a number of years and this was one subject I was always asked to teach there. I am amazed and overwhelmed at our “so great Salvation” purchased for us on the Cross by the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is now three weeks since we returned from visiting our family in Sydney and going on a 14 day cruise around New Zealand. The whole trip was a lovely refreshing time. My movements were quite restricted on the cruise because of my left knee and pain in my right hip and groin.

On my return I had an Ultrasound  on my hip and groin which suggested I had Bursitis. My surgeon is not convinced and has ordered an MRI which I will have next Tuesday 29th, sadly I can’t see my surgeon for the results until 5th May. I would appreciate your continued prayers on my behalf I now live with pain 24/7 and do trust and pray the MRI will not only show the problem, but that there is an answer to all this.

Sadly, we have had to cancel our proposed Teaching Ministry trip to Indonesia we were leaving on 1st May. Within 30 minutes of sending the email they phoned and said they will happily fit me in later in the School year when I can make it. That was sure encouraging.

I seem to remember I did a series of blogs some time ago on the “Keys of the Kingdom”, we are very serious in the local church here about an “Authentic N.T. Church” and pressing in to all that the Lord has for us. So am preaching next Sunday night on the “Keys of the Kingdom” will you pray that I have a  sweet anointing and much liberty as I preach.

I guess you can appreciate I just have not the energy or desire to concentrate on writing blogs. Please write and tell me that you are praying, and that the blogs are a blessing to you.