2 April 2014


By John Ollis

You will have noticed that it probably over a month since I have written a blog. The main reason being we have been away on holiday, on a lovely cruise around New Zealand, which also gave us the opportunity to spend a few days with family in Sydney. We are now home after a refreshing, and relaxing time. We went ashore most times the ship docked, but also spent much time reading and resting.  I still have not decided what my nest series  of blogs will be, I am still open to suggestions please ???

I am preaching on Good Friday and Easter Sunday morning, I am looking forward to that very much.

I now have to also start preparing a week of teaching in Indonesia plus ministry the weekend before and after. This ministry trip is a real test actually that physically I can handle further overseas ministry this year ok ?

 As well as my left knee still giving me some pain, I pulled something in my right groin some time ago, I was hoping it would heal naturally, but this has not been the case. I am have an ultra sound next week, to see what the problem is. I have also started physiotherapy to try and assist the situation.

Will you pray with me please, that the Lord undertakes and ministers to my body, so I can continue to serve the Lord.

Thank you for you love, support and prayers.

Please drop me a line and share with us.