26 June 2014


By John Ollis

I thought I had written about a major typographical error in my Leadership 10 blog. I wrote under Progressive Vision  “With a vision there in no motivation” !!!!!! Of course I should have said as it has been my exciting continued experience that WITH A VISION THERE IS MOTIVATION. Ever since God gave me a vision for the nations there has been a burning passion and drive within my spirit. I do not know  why  and how my previous leadership 10a did not get posted.

These 15 principles of team Ministry I consider so important and essential in whatever type of team  you are serving in, and especially if you are part of the leadership team of a local church. These principles deal with any possibility of the captain becoming a dictator, and for the team members becoming simply a rubber stamp to whatever is proposed.

I do appreciate that Church Government was still being developed even after the Canon of scripture had closed, but I sincerely feel these principles are the most biblical, and therefore the best method  of local church government, not everyone will agree with me, as they are happy with the form of government in their church.

I am surprised that there has been very little comment to Leadership 10 blog, as sadly many churches have a form of Eldership but many of the principles are simply not evident.

So, what do you think  about these principles ? are they simple just idealistic or really are the best way the lead a local church under the headship of the Lord  Jesus  Christ. Talk to me please ??