26 July 2014


By John Ollis

I have decided to do a new series of blogs sharing some of my favourite scripture verses, you may say where is blog no. 1. Yesterday’s blog (It’s Friday, but Sunday’s coming soon) was really no.1 as I commented on Hebrews 4.16 ok ?

You may like to share with me your favourite verse/s and tell me why and even let me comment on the verse as well.

Let us look today at Rom.8.28 today. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. N.K.J.V.

The first time I was admitted to hospital as a result of the Golden staph. infection in my knee, this was the very first verse the Holy Spirit impressed afresh on me.

Firstly, ALL  things work together for GOOD, not just the good but the BAD. Now God is NOT the author of bad things, but remember firstly, He knows all things, and He permits even the bad things to work out for our SPIRITUAL GOOD.Bad things do happen to good people.

Let me remind you of this truth that  is so well illustrated in Job’s life God had to give permission to the devil to send the bad things into Job’s life. The devil CANNOT TOUCH US unless it is with the Lord’s permission and The Lord wants to use that thing to work ETERNAL GOOD  into our lives.

Let me, go on and say, we MUST walk in the Light (of the Word of God, and our conscience) and in total obedience to the will of God,  if we don’t we can become a target for the enemy.

This may upset my Pentecostal friends, but when nothing else seems to get through to us, the Lord can  permit pain and sickness to touch us to cause us to sit up and listen to what He is saying and what he wants to do inside of us. I still believe in Divine Healing,we must be obedient to the scriptures, and:

Lay hands on the sick

Anoint with oil

Pray the pray of faith,

And leave the results to the Lord.

Heb.12.6 tells us For whom the loves He chastens (corrects and disciplines) and scourges (punishes) every son whom he receives.

The writer to Hebrews says that as parents we do not want our children to become delinquents so we must discipline, and because we love them we bring pressures to bear to help them conform to the right standards.

Jesus loves us so much, but refuses to let us stay unchanged, but wants us to change and be conformed to His image, so brings pressure to bear on us, and the Lord’s plan is we respond and not react and let Him work in our lives.

God always has the  BIG picture in mind, not just the short term, He always has ETERNITY  in mind, He wants us changed, made perfect, holy and victorious.

What is our challenge :

1.Reaffirm the Lord is Sovereign

2. By His grace I will respond (and not react)

3. I will let the situation make me better not bitter

4. I will use the situation as a stepping stone, not a stumbling block.

I thank God for these past 21 months of pain and frustration, of course I haven’t enjoyed it, but I do not regret it, as i believe the Lord has done some awesome work in my life. As I approach the end of this painful journey, I am asking the Lord to help me not to get slack and lazy but continue to build on His work of grace in my life.

The latter part of the verse goes on to say, we have been called :

(a) Out of sin and darkness

(b) into His glorious salvation..

(c) He has also called every believer to a ministry

The Lord’s plan is that we truly become men and women of God fulfilling our calling to the best of our ability, and letting God have all the glory.

I trust the above may help you, when negative things come your way.

Please let me hear from you, and hear what your favourite verse.verses are.

Have an awesome Sunday in the Lord’s house.