29 July 2014


By John Ollis

Dear Friends,
I have just returned from a visit with my surgeon, and I can now confirm I will be admitted to hospital next Tuesday and have major surgery next Wednesday 6th August. Then there will be intesive Rehabilitation, and then Lord willing, I can run trough a troop and leap over a wall.
I will be in hospital for 7+ weeks.
I do thank you for all your prayer support in the past, and ask you will carry me in prayer again during this lengthy period. Please remember Margaret too during this period.
Whilst in hospital I will celebrate my birthday, and Margaret’s as well as Father’s Day (Australia is different to most of the world). So this will be an interesting experience.
I do expect to do some blogging, and would love to receive your responses, and some of your favourite Bible verses.
Much love to you all in Jesus Name,