6 November 2015


By John Ollis

Isn’t the ministry of the Holy Spirit truly awesome. For example 100 people sitting in church and listening to the Preacher, each can specifically receive a word from God, that will bless and challenge them. In our personal daily reading of the Scriptures, 2 believers may read and meditate on the same passage and receive a different message, that message suiting the heart and need of the individual.
I meet  for coffee each week with a Pastor friend for sharing and fellowship. I asked him what was his preaching topic for this Sunday. He has been spending time reading and meditating in 1 Kings. He is preaching on the story of Elijah and widow and the miracle the cruse of oil that did not run out (1 Kings 17) and will be sharing on the principle of “what is in your hand” and how God will take what we already have and multiply it and perform a miracle, just like the little boy in the Gospels with the loaves and fishes that fed 5000 men.
The thought that came to me was this, the words of the hymn written by Mrs C.H. Morris 19th century, a Methodist Episcopal believer.


Are you looking for the fullness of the blessing of the Lord  in your heart today ?

Claim the promise of your Father,come according to His Word, in the blessed old time way.


He will fill your heart today to overflowing, as the Lord commandeth you, Bring your vessels not a few

He will fill your heart today to overflowing, with the Holy Ghost and power.

2. Bring your empty earthen vessels, clean thru Jesus’ precious blood, Come ye needy one and all

And in human consecration, wait before the throne of God, till the Holy Ghost shall fall

3. LIKE THE CRUSE OF OIL UNFAILING, is His grace for evermore, and His love unchanging still;

And according to His promise with the Holy Ghost and power,He will every vessel fill.

Mrs. Morris  knew that oil is a beautiful type of the Holy Spirit, and God’s plan is to fill every believer with His Spirit, and for us to learn to live the Spirit-filled life (Eph.5:18). There is no shortage of oil (Holy Spirit) but there seems to be a shortage of believers who truly want to surrender themselves totally to the Lord and let the Holy Spirit totally fill the vessel.

The only life worth living is a life that is fully  and continually surrendered to Jesus, and the Holy Spirit continually filling every part of us, spirit, souls and body. If we want to please the Lord, if we want to walk in victory and purity, if we want to be effective fruitful servants we need our vessel CONTINUALLY filled. The Spirit filled life will cause the Fruit of the Spirit to grow rapidly in your life, you will experience the Spirit’s gifts operating in your life, you will want to use your prayer language more and more, as you live and walk in the Spirit.

So, the message the Lord impressed on me is so very different  to what my ministry brother will share tomorrow. Even though the truth comes from the same passage of Scripture.

Can I encourage you to pray this simple prayer TODAY

Fill my cup (vessel) Lord

I life it up Lord

Come and quench the thirsting of my soul

Bread of heaven, feed me till I want no more

Fill my cup (vessel) fill it up and make me whole .

This is my prayer fro you today, be blessed and filled, and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ.