3 March 2016


By John Ollis

You may immediately respond, what have I got to repent about? I am doing ok?
repentance is as much a w to Christians as to unbelievers.  Repentance means:
A change of direction
A change of attitude
A change of direction
A change of affection.
Because of Adam’s sin we were born with a sinful nature, and like the bias inn a grass bowls ball, we have the tendency to want to go in the opposite direction that God wants us to go.
We have to daily correct the bias, and we do this by repentance. We ask the Lord to search our hearts, and give us the grace to make the necessary adjustments, so we are walking in His will.
Mother Basilea Schlink a Lutheran nun wrote a book entitled “Repentance the joy filled life”. She had learned the live a life of repentance (ever changing)  ands brought great joy to her life.
Although we have a new heart that desires to love and serve the Lord, sadly, we have this sinful nature until the day we die, thus the continued need  to adjust the bias and repent. Relating to my last blog, why did Paul say we must CONTINUALLY reaffirm Christ’s Lordship over our lives and surrender ourselves to Him (Rom.12.1), only then can we learn to be CONTINUALLY filled with the Spirit.
Will you make repentance a personal  daily lifestyle, you too will know the joy filled life.
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