4 June 2016


By John Ollis

I have shared again recently of my experience in Hyderabad India in January 1985 where in a moment of time, I believe my (spiritual) eyes were opened and I knew in my spirit that JESUS CHRIST SHALL BE LORD OF INDIA.But not only for India for every nation on the earth.
This was a Rhema word to my heart, and it changed my whole outlook on Mission, so that Mission became the passion and burden of my heart. I also teach that we need to keep on meditating on a Rhema word, and like a flower bud it will open up more and more.
With my health issues, and much less travel I have now more time to intercede for the nations,  I like to spend time praying especially for the many nations I have had the privilege of ministering in.
It is so exciting to hear and read of all the God is doing in so many nations of the world.
CHINA will soon have the largest Christian population in the world
IRAN is seeing many muslims come to Christ
INDONESIA another muslim nation is seeing thousands of people coming to Christ
PHILLIPINES A predominantly Catholic nation seeing thousands being baptized
SOUTH AMERICA A continent where there is a mass exodus out of Catholicism into Evangelical and Charismatic/Pentecostal churches.
There are so many positive signs in so many countries of the world of genuine spiritual revival, it is an exciting time to be alive.


It is important to be kept up to date with the news, but not let it effect our spiritual sight. This is just what happened to me, I began to develop a “remnant mentality”  that the church in Australia was dying and few would remain spiritually alive when Jesus returns. Naturally speaking in many cases this is true, and where it is growing, I have had to question how strong a Biblical base some of these “contemporary” churches have.

In Romans 13:11 Paul tells the Roman church, they had got sleepy and needed to WAKE UP. I needed to go back to that flower bud, and meditate afresh on the Word of God, and have


I needed to see Australia as God sees Australia, and not say revival will never come again (not say it’s four months away).


I was reminded of a chorus written by Chris Falson (an Australian) that again began to echo in my heart.

We have vision for this nation (Australia) we share a dream for this land,

We join with angels in celebration, by faith we speak revival to this land

Where every knee shall bow and worship You and every tongue confess that You are Lord

Give us an open heaven, anoint our prayers this day and move your sovereign hand across this nation.

We need to get a band of Intercessors together who with FAITH in their hearts lay hold of the promises of God, for every revival in history  has been the result of much believeing prayer. As a result of prayer Dr. Cho  says the church in South Korea ministers under an open heaven.

That the Church in Australia will let the Holy Spirit revive it, and as a consequence will see TEN OF THOUSANDS OF AUSTRALIANS BOWING THE KNEE AND DECLARING JESUS IS LORD OF THEIR LIVES.

I had a vision for the nations but not for Australia, I have confessed my unbelief, and the flower bud of Rhema truth has opened again, and I declare :


Will you join with me, and let us believe together to see the Power of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in Christian’s hearts changing and embracing the  Great Commission and by God’s grace, “plundering hell and populating heaven  AMEN