16 August 2016


By John Ollis

In Exodus 26 we have the glorious revelation that our God is Jehovah Ropheca the Lord that heals. Adam’s sin, caused sickness and death to enter humanity, but even in the Old Testament God was reaching out to His creation and bringing healing and health to His people. In Isaiah’s prophecy of the suffering Messiah, we read “by His (Jesus) stripes we are healed”.
Healing of course is so much more than physical healing, and  to be honest there are many unanswered questions when it comes to the area of physical healing. We must be obedient to the Scriptures and:
Lay hands on the sick
Pray the prayer of faith, and fast if needs be
Anoint with oil
Then we leave the results to God. Why everyone is not healed through prayer, we will find out in eternity. Thank God for the medical and surgical profession that are mightily used of God to being health and wholeness to people.
The Bible teaches that God’s plan is that we are  to be whole spirit, soul and body, and just as we are to pray and minister to the physically sick, we must also be “Ministers of healing” to the soul and the spirit too. The bible teaches there are no unanswered questions here, WE CAN BE WHOLE.
When a person comes to Christ, spiritually he is healed in that awesome moment he is born again of the Spirit of God, and as I said recently in a blog, virtually always another human being is used by God to lead a person to Christ.
The area I want to highlight today especially is the area of the soul which includes the mind, our emotions and our will. This area is so often neglected in current evangelism. We all know when a person comes to Christ he brings a lot of baggage with him, and through Biblical Discipleship that baggage, and all the effects of the baggage can be completely dealt with, so a person can be emotionally whole. Just as what we may call “general discipleship” is often very shallow  or non existent today, so the area of the soul is often  completely disregarded.
In Luke 4 we read that Jesus went to a Synagogue service and was handed a scroll which contained the prophecy of Isaiah , and Jesus read chapter 61.  As Jesus was reading this Scripture e was declaring there was a special anointing of the Holy Spirit resting on Him, in the latter part of verse 18 we read in the Amplified translation.


That anointing now rests on His servants, and we are to be channels of healing, to a wounded world.

This verse articulates the baggage and the results of the baggage that we still have in us when we come to Christ. Many believers go through their whole lives struggling with these influences and effects and never have a breakthrough. Sometimes, through a unique ministry situation some people are  healed and set free. Often the baggage and it effects causes people to backslide and walk away from the Lord, how sad, and so unnecessary.

What a responsibility we have as Believers and Ministers  to seek to be a channel of healing and wholeness to every new believer. Unless it dealt with it makes the believer  very vulnerable to hurts and further pain. Post conversion  Anger and unforgiveness MUST  be dealt with, or it will eat away like a cancer in our hearts, it will rob us of joy and peace, and fulfilment in our Christian walk.

I see all around me, believers who have never been emotionally healed, and often they walk spiritually, as if they have a ball and chain around their leg. Have you wondered why often you feel your Christian life is two steps forward and three steps back, and you can’t seem to break through? Do you have a Mentor? If you are a male, look for a  Christian guy, if you are a lady look for a  sister in Christ, ask the Lord to lead you to someone who could Mentor you in your walk with the Lord. Don’t rush in where angels fear tread, get to know the person, and only when you honestly feel you can trust them, then begin to share your heart with them.

Jesus wants us all to be whole spirit, soul and body, don’t be satisfied with anything less, it is part of our glorious inheritance as Christians purchased for us through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ.. There is a whole new level, of victory, and purity, and power, and wholeness that awaits you, don’t be satisfied until you know the wholeness that is available to you.

I think this blog will create many questions, please write and talk to me about your response please.