15 November 2016


By John Ollis

I think you know I take seriously the promise in Psalm 2:8 Ask of Me, and I will give the nations for your inheritance and the ends of earth for Your possession. I am sure the primary interpretation is God the Father telling Jesus to ask for the nations, and we know Christ’s constant ministry today is praying for people and nations. Surely a secondary interpretation is that we are encouraged and challenged to pray for the nations. So I now do this daily, especially praying for the around 30 nations I have had the privilege of ministering in, some nations many many times. They are very much on my heart, as I cry out to God for revival, and seeing the prince spirits cast down and the Church moving and ministering under an open heaven.
I then began to think today of the beautiful believers and ministry colleagues that I have had the unique opportunity of meeting, and relating too.
So many of them I consider as dear friends, and although we do not contact each other very often there is a precious connection, that will continue throughout eternity. It is true that some friends seem to only be for a season, and I think I am discerning who they are, and that is fine, but others have so enriched my life by their godliness and their zeal for the Kingdom of God, I have stood and continue to stand in amazement at the grace and blessing of God that is resting on them,
I would so love to mention some, and the countries their ministries are impacting to this day, but they know who they are who have blessed and spoken into my life on numerous occasions. There are a number who have gone to be with the Lord, and I miss them so much, and envy them, as I would love to stand around the throne of God with them and worship the Lord together.
The reality is we were never meant to stand alone, and God brings people into our lives so that we mutually can be a blessing to each other, and to be their to lift them up when that is needed.
There are some nations I am praying and believing I will return to in 2017,  especially, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam, to both minister in churches and Bible Schools and to renew fellowship and relationship with my many friends. Will you pray with me, that this will come to pass.