25 September 2017


By John Ollis

When I wrote  my recent Update I said how excited I was about the way the Lord has led me into a Ministry of Intercessory Prayer. When I recognised my Teaching and Preaching Ministry especially overseas was coming to an end I began to pray earnestly that the Lord would give me something to do in place of it. The last thing I was thinking of was prayer believe me.
I began to think about how the Lord has created these awesome connections some over twenty years old, some I have maintained, others miraculously have come alive again. Many are past students from the various Colleges I taught in, in this blog I don’t want to highlight individuals, so many of my comments will not be  too specific, and definitely no names will be mentioned. I will share about just some I am committed to pray for daily.
I want to highlight the privilege God has given me to partner with these people and share in their ministry through prayer. What you read will also highlight the awesome way God has led me over the years, He saw in eternity past this all happening, I cannot but stand in awe at His goodness and love to me. Now where do I start?
I taught for a number of years in a Bible College in Eastern Europe, in one class was a young man  who eventually took over the church that was part of the College, and built the church to well over 3000 Believers, he also built a sister congregation in Russia. The Lord has led him to Miami City in the U.S. where he is pioneering a church with both an English & Russian congregations. I discovered that the largest Russian speaking community in the U.S. is in Miami, the Lord sure knew what He was doing leading him there.
In one of the classes was another young man who has recently been involved in a pioneering situation  in his city, and has now become the Senior Pastor of this vibrant growing congregation.
Another young man in another class who was from a Jewish cultural background and wonderfully converted is now in Israel and has pioneered an exciting growing congregation praise the Lord.
In an Australian College over twenty years ago there were two Anglo Indian students (they came in different years) who’s parents had come to Australia when they were children. The elder brother is Pastoring an exciting church here in Australia, the younger brother felt led to return to India (perhaps after at least 30 years) to pioneer a church in one of India’s largest cities, he is seeing great success and regularly is baptizing new Believers.
I met a young man in the Y.W.A.M. base in Chiang Mai Thailand  at least 15 years ago, he is now Pastoring an exciting church in the city. The majority of Christians in Thailand live in the North & North East (just over half of one % of the population) I am praying and believing for a RIVER OF BLESSING AND REVIVAL to flow from the North to the South, it is time for revival in Thailand.  I spoke in the Christian meeting at the De La Salle College in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia in the 1990’s there was a teenage boy in the meeting who was blest and challenged, we have maintained contact, and he is now in Bangkok pioneering a church with three different language congregations.
At another College in Australia I was teaching at, one year a South American young man came, (his family had migrated) I recognised the Hand of God on His life, he soon became my Interpreter when I preached in a Spanish church. I took him and others on a missions Trip to Indonesia, the following year he led the team (I just did the preaching). On his graduation he began Pastoring two Spanish congregations, He is now based in South America and has pioneered large exciting churches in Buenos Aries in Argentina, and Sao Paulo in Brazil, it is an awesome story.
I was the Missions Consultant and Missions lecturer in a Bible College in Malaysia for about 10 years in the 1990’s, three of the students are now here in Melbourne involved in ministry and the Lord is using them mightily. I met a Salvation Army Officer in Malaysia and we have maintained contact, he is now Pastoring an S.A. Chinese church here in Australia with an exciting vision that I am partnering with him in prayer.
In the north of Malaysia is the city of Sitiawan (John Sung had planted a church here early in the 20th century)  there is a couple Pastoring a church, they are a fabulous couple and doing a great work for the Lord. I cannot help but pray as I do for my friends in Chiang Mai that a river of revival will flow down the Peninsula and touch cities like Kuala Lumpur, Seramban, Melaka, and Johor Bahru. Malaysia is a needy nation with much corruption and a strong Muslim  anti Christian bias. I met a young Malaysian in Moscow (he like many Chinese Malaysians have to study outside the country) studying medicine. On his graduation he discovered he had an inherited condition that stopped him from practicing medicine. he has now studied law and is involved  in the political world seeking to correct the anti Christian bias. Lastly I met probably 15 years ago a Youth Pastor with such a passion to see youth converted, his current vision is 500 teens loving and serving the Lord in his church, what a privilege to partner with him in prayer.
I prophesied over a Pastor’s son in Scotland quite some years ago, he went into ministry and has recently moved to the north of Scotland (an Island) to take over a church, he is believing for revival and I am praying and believing with him
There are so many more stories I could relate regarding ministries I am connected with in prayer, in Taiwan, Canada, U.S.A. Kenya, Ghana, U.K. and the list goes on and on.
Can you see why I am so excited, that although I may never leave Australia again, I am every day spending time in prayer for ministries in over 20 nations, and regularly seeing exciting answers to prayer.