6 March 2018


By John Ollis

I  love travel, and I guess it is a blessing that I do, as I have literally flown many hundreds of thousands of air miles since the early 1970’s. I am not a sightseer, I have often felt upset when I have seen some preachers who’s cameras seemed is almost larger than their Bible.
My flying days (for ministry) is pretty well over, and there was a time when I began to think about that I would get very sad. Then the Lord led me into Intercessory Ministry, and I am traveling much more now (in prayer) than I have ever done. This is my journey every day in prayer. It isn’t the same, but we read in Acts 9:39 The Spirit of the Lord caught Philip away, so that the eunuch saw him no more, but Philip was found in Azotus…….. I think I have a form of Philip’s transport every day in prayer.


As written previously I spend a lot of time preparing my heart for Intercession, with Confession & Repentance and surrender, and then spend time in Thanksgiving, Praise & Worship. I then spend time praying for my close and extended family.  Then in prayer I travel to INDIA.  I pray for a Punjabi man I taught in Kula Lumpur who is Pastoring an exciting Punjabi church, then an Anglo India guy I taught in Sydney who is pioneering in Mumbai. I taught another Indian guy in Indonesia, who is serving the Lord in Kolkata, I conducted a Church Planters Seminar in Chandigah and met a guy who is now pioneering a village church. In the Spirit I spend tine with them every day.
I have not ministered much in EUROPE, but visit a past student (in prayer) every day in Norway. Then another student in Kiev Ukraine, both are Pastoring exciting churches. Through an unusual set of circumstances I began relating to a Scottish Pastor, and preached for him, and prophesied over his son who is now also Pastoring, I spend time (in Scotland) in the Spirit with them.
I then move to NORTH AMERICA, and pray for a student who is pioneering in Canada, then onto San Francisco, then Seattle and visit another 2 students who are pioneering churches. Then onto California to a Malaysian friend who is also pioneering. Then onto Miami to another student I taught in Kiev, who is also pioneering both an English and Russian congregation.
I then move to SOUTH AMERICA where another student is pioneering in both Argentina and Brazil.
I then move to SOUTH EAST ASIA, which is where I carry a constant heavy burden, and intercede much for revival. I begin in Taiwan where I visit 2 spiritual sons who are pastoring growing churches.  Then onto Indo China, and pray for a young man serving in the closed country of Laos, then onto Phnom Penh Cambodia and visit with some friends who are leading an exciting group of churches (throughout the nation) in prayer, and then onto Vietnam, which I visited 32 times. and see in the Spirit a river flowing between these three nations, I see the spirits behind Communism and Buddhism falling, and millions bowing the knee and declaring Jesus as Lord.
I then travel to Thailand (where less than 1% are Christian) and pray for a quality couple in Chiang Mai who are Pastoring an exciting church. I see the river of revival flowing down to Bangkok, and pray for a man who is an Apostle to the nation, and a young man, I ministered too when he was still a student at school, and I was asked to speak at his school’s Chapel service in Malaysia. I travel onto Pattaya, and Phuket, and the South, and see the river flowing into Malaysia. I visit another young couple in Sitiawan (in the North) then onto Kuala Lumpur and have many sons (I was privileged to teach at the Bible College of Malaysia for almost 10 years) there who are doing a mighty job for the Lord, and I also visit East Malaysia, especially Kuching where the Lord is using some dear friends in a special way.
I return to Peninsular Malaysia, and visit in the Spirit in prayer, Seremban and Melaka, and intercede for some more dear friends who are building the Kingdom of God, then the river of revival continues to flow into SINGAPORE (where we lived for 2 years) and have hundreds of friends, I then move on to INDONESIA, a country that is also very heavy upon my heart, AND THE RIVER IS STILL FLOWING HALLELUJAH, I  spend a lot of time here, I  visit Jakarta, and Surabaya, Medan, Bali, Sulawesi, Semerang. Then a quick trip to the Philippines to pray for a young man who is serving the Lord in that great nation.
I then return home to AUSTRALIA, and the list of the Lord’s servants here is long. and all of them are doing a mighty work for the Lord, and it is such a privilege to partner with them, and to believe with them that the river of revival will soon touch this GREAT SOUTHLAND OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
I never got to go to the continent of Africa, but many African ministries relate to me, and I visit them daily in prayer too. They are from nations like, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Burundi.
I thank God for this privilege of visiting these nations and ministries, I am reminded of the late Ruth Helfin’s song:
I  ask for the nations I call them by name,
I present them to the Father in Jesus Name
May they not be found naked,, may they not be ashamed
When they stand before You on that great Judgement Day.
I sure did not know when I knelt (as a 10 year old boy) at the Mercy Seat in a Salvation Army Hall, that I would have the awesome privilege of pastoring some great churches, and seeing a revival on two of them, then the 19 years full time of investing in Bible College students in Australia and Singapore, then going to some 25 nations teaching and preaching the Word of God in Bible Schools and Colleges. I didn’t think I would be relating to students I taught  30 years ago, BUT THE LORD KNEW.  Nor did I fully appreciate the impact numerous ministries would have on my life but again the Lord knew, I humbly bow before the Lord and give Him ALL THE GLORY


With the Lord’s help the Intercessory ministry will continue to grow as daily I learn