13 March 2018


By John Ollis

In the Southern Hemisphere we have moved into the season or Autumn (or fall) as our American friends call it. There are still some hot days but it is getting cooler, and soon we will see the leaves falling from the trees. Our God is such a Masterful designer giving us 4 very different seasons so that our world (our planet) can continue to function as it He planned it.
Spiritually, there are seasons too, I was reminded of this recently, I had been experiencing some weeks of a sweet manifest presence of God on my life continually, and I was so enjoying it. I awoke recently and discovered that manifest presence seemed to have left me, and I had to see (it wasn’t immediate)  that the Lord was leading me into a “new season”. Not that I had specifically (or deliberately) sinned or disobeyed the Lord, but the Lord had something to teach me or wanted to do a work of grace in my life.
For example, the physical and spiritual areas of our life are very closely entwined. I have not been feeling 100% well recently, and became aware that I was letting my mind get caught up with many numerous health issues and their potential consequences, that started to rob me of my peace. I am reminded of Paul’s words that “what is not of faith is sin”, and we know the opposite of faith is fear, unbelief, doubt and negativity, I had to recognise afresh that God is sovereign in my life and I needed to re-affirm His Lordship over my life, and trust Him, whether I could feel His presence or not.
I think the emotional and spiritual are closely linked too, we sure don’t live 24/7 on an emotional high, sometimes we may be envious of King David as he brought the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem, he was so excited he jumped and danced with utter joy. Many people are attracted to churches that seem to project Christianity as a 24/7 emotional high, and when that emotion disappears (for whatever reason)  many seem to drop their bundle and “feel” as if God has deserted them
I guess this is again where real Biblical Discipleship is so ESSENTIAL, that a new Believer is taught to “walk by faith and not by sight”.2 Cor. 5:7 NKJV
I think that many Believers both new and not so new get dissillusioned  when they experience a new season, and simply do not know what is going on.
In my experience I have many times had to declare, despite how I feel “God said it, I believe it, that settles it”. I have literally had to walk by faith, and confess  JESUS IS TRUE TO HIS NAME, HIS NATURE AND HIS PROMISES. It sure didn’t usually mean that the joy and peace and presence rushed back into my life, but as I continued to walk in faith, they returned.
I wonder what season you are in at the moment, I trust the above may assist you as you walk through it. I have needed to remind myself these past few weeks about what I have just written about. I do trust it will be a blessing to you.