10 August 2018


By John Ollis

Only last Sunday did I receive a specific date to teach a Bible School class in Indonesia, and it is only just over three weeks away. We had decided that my  Ministry travelling days were over, but after much prayer and consideration I have accepted this particular invitation, but I will need all the prayer support I can get please.
I am teaching for twenty three class hours in four and a half days,  five hours Monday through Thursday, and three hours on Friday morning, The dates are 3-7 September. In the past there has been over 300 students in the class.
These are my specific requests, and I would be happy for you to start praying today right through until we arrive back home in Australia on Friday 14th September.
I want the teaching to be mightily empowered by the Holy Spirit, I will also make a couple of altar calls during the week, may the Lord do a deep work in the lives of the students
We ask for the Lord’s protection and safety in all our travels.
Physically this teaching will be physically challenging, so please pray for added strength and vitality.
We will return via Singapore where we will have  4+days R&R, and catching up with friends.
I thank you in advance for your continued prayer support.