2 August 2018


By John Ollis

Forty two plus years ago I was exposed to Asia for the first time (Singapore & Malaysia) it was a life changing experience, and yet it was just the start of a journey that continues to rule my life). Some eight and a half years later in India God gave what to me was a Rhema Word that Jesus Christ shall be Lord of India and all the nations of the earth. This truth has gripped my heart.Then only three and a half years later in Northern Thailand God gave me an Intercessory prayer burden for Myanmar, Laos Cambodia & Vietnam, that is still on my life today. I have written the above as an introduction to tell you that in less than forty eights hours, I have had (what I believe) has been a supernatural experience in that I have been in communication with National and Missionary Leaders from China, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam and Myanmar.   They have all told of revival and blessing in these nations,and I want to share some of the remarkable things that God is doing in these nations.
I begin with China as this Communist nation has seen and is experiencing an awesome spiritual revival. I asked the leader “has materialism impacted the church there?” His response was not so much but the extreme teaching of the so called “Prosperity Gospel” has. Also the extreme “cheap grace” teaching that has particularly come out of a mega church in Singapore has cause much heartache and division. Even the Three Self church (official government church) has denounced it as a heresy. But in spite of these and other teachings the Church is moving forward Praise the Lord. I asked about China’s three “daughters” Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Chinese Christian Workers move freely through these islands and the Church in Taiwan especially has seen tremendous growth and blessing. The Christian population of Hong Kong is now 14%.
I wanted to know what is happening in the three Indo China nations, The Christian & Missionary Alliance had done tremendous work in these three nations prior to their fall to Communism. Laos is still a very “closed” nation, but the CMA churches and underground Charismatic churches are seeing much growth and blessing praise the Lord. I have seen the awesome growth of the Church in Vietnam having been privileged to visit 32 times working with the underground church. The CMA church was the only Protestant Church the Communists recognised when they took over the nation in 1975 (a great and growing church). Some Evangelical and Pentecostal Churches are now registered with the government, my Leader friend told me that the government is making it difficult at this time for the Churches, but still the Church grows under the good Hand of God.
Cambodia is the modern miracle I want to share with you today. Some may have read the book “Anointed for Burial” by Todd Burke which told of a brief revival  from late 1974 until Pol Pot took over the nation in April 1975, sadly most of those Christians were murdered by the regime. In the 1990’s I visited Phnom Penh for the first time and ministered in a small church there, as I chatted to the Leader, he told me an awesome story. The Church is now 2000+strong, there have been 500 baptisms this year. The next largest Church in the city is around 1000. They have a strong Discipleship program with little backsliding, which includes Deliverance ministry if required. Over 100 churches has been planted in the nation and another 90 church plants are in preparation. I was so blest as this Kmer Leader shared with me.
Some good things are happening in Myanmar, a Burmese Pastor told me personally that many people are being healed and set free from demonic powers.  Over ever nation there are demon powers that want to limit and restrict the Church of Jesus Christ, we must take our authority in Jesus Name and see them cast down.
After much prayer over a number of years in Malaysia there has been a change of government (the first since federation over 60 years ago,) major changes have happened already, and there are many more in the pipeline Praise the Lord.
The RIVER OF REVIVAL continues to flow, we must FAST AND PRAY MUCH FOR THAILAND, I am praying and believing for millions of Thais eyes to be opened that they will see Jesus in all His power and glory.
If you live in Australia in any of our state capital cities you will see many Chinese faces, the Leader from Hong Kong told me there are now at least one million mainland Chinese living here, what a mission field, then add all the other migrant nations here, Asia has come to us, what a challenge and responsibility we have to be obedient to  the Great Commission.
The late Ruth Heflin wrote a wonderful song I ask for the NATIONSas recorded below you remove the word nations and place the name of the nation you are burdened for, here we have written, I ask for Burma, I am asking for all the nations recorded in this blog that Jesus will be truly Lord of all these nations amen.
I trust you have found this update interesting and a blessing to you, I trust it will challenge you more and more for you to pray for that nation/s that the Lord has laid on your heart.
We ask for Burma, we call her by name,
We present her to the Father in Jesus’ name
We ask not for riches, we ask not for gain
We ask for Burma in Jesus’ name.
May she not be forsaken, may she not be ashamed
Oh, may she know Jesus on that great judgment day
May she not be found naked, oh, may she be clothed
When she stands before Jesus that day at the throne
We ask for the masses, for the millions of souls
Who are lost without Jesus outside of the fold
Lord, help us to see them with compassion like Yours
To reach out and lead them to the Good Shepherd’s door
We ask for the beggars, the blind and the lame
We ask for the lepers, You know them by name
We see them as masses, You see one by one
You see in each person a heart to be won
So we ask for Burma