6 November 2018


By John Ollis

I want to ask you a personal question, I hope it doesn’t upset you, but I feel it needs to be asked. Let me give an explanation before I ask.
As a Pastor/Teacher, I love the progression of truth right from Genesis thru to Malachi, why God used thousands of years to slowly lead us towards what He called the “New Covenant” I sure don’t know.
I love the teaching and understanding we receive from for example:
The Tabernacle of Moses
The Sacrificial system
The Feasts of Israel
The Levitical Priestly Tribe
The Tabernacle of David
The Worship ministry that flowed from David’s Tabernacle
The Temple of Solomon
The Ministry of the Prophets
The Ministry of the Kings

The list goes on and on, and we can learn so much from these things that God instituted under the Old Covenant, When we come to the New Testament  we are told they are but types and shadows of the reality we now have in the Lord Jesus Christ, so why are so many Believers getting caught up with these things, in the 1800’s it was the Food Laws, that many got caught up with,now it is so many other things associated with the Feasts and The Tabernacle and the Temple (I am not going to be specific as I don’t want to particularly lose any friends).



There is something in human nature that wants and needs visible expressions to “assist” us in our worship. Protestants have always been critical of Catholics because of their need and use of statues, and the Greek Orthodox because of their need of icons etc.
New Covenant Believers are to walk by faith “and not by sight”  we are also told  to walk in the Spiritand I sincerely believe we DO NOT need these distractions, let us not be caught up with the physical external expressions that are seen in all that is listed above, yes, let’s understand and appreciate what these things mean, but PASS THEM ALL THROUGH THE CROSSand live in the  NEW COVENANT reality of them.
I am not going to criticise great men, who encourage these things, also it is often not what some have said, but how it is heard, and then filtered through our perhaps limited understanding of the truths behind them.
Will you prayerfully consider my question, and simply let the Holy Spirit lead you. I do hope I do not lose any friends as a result of this blog, but have been challenged in my own heart, and want to encourage  you to give some thought to the above.
Please feel free, to write and comment.