18 August 2019


By John Ollis

Many of my WP & FB friends will know I have initiated a SURVEY “What do you think are the main challenges and needs of the 21st century church ? I have asked the question because I want to fine tune my prayer ministry, and seek to be as specific as possible in my praying.

I awoke yesterday morning with the question burning in my spirit “Where does much of the blame fall if a local church has challenges and needs”? I felt the Lord gave me the answer. MUCH OF THE BLAME LAYS AT THE PASTOR’S FEET.

I have been overwhelmed by the response to my survey question, and I have received a broad coverage of answers from my thousands of friends who are spread all around the world.

I am not answering the survey question today, but to respond to the question and answer I above, but I have prepared 8 questions, and ask my Ministry friends from around the world to spend a few minutes honestly answering these questions from their heart

  1. Does the Pastor realise the “pattern” to build a local church has many essential components if we are to build God’s way.?
  2. Does the Pastor realise what his specific “Ministry Gifting” and “grace” is?
  3. Is he convinced he is called to be the Snr. Pastor, if so his role is to be the Captain of the team, and he will have his own particular gifting and emphasis in his ministry?
  4. Does the Pastor realise that in the Greek text the word Pastor,Elder/Bishop are used interchangeably, and that the word “Elders” is almost exclusively used in the plural. The New Testament church was led by a plural team of Elders?
  5. Does the “Team Captain” realise he does not have to have (nor cannot anyway) the giftings and graces required to builds a N.T. church?
  6. When the “team captain realises what all the essential components are required to build a N.T. church, does he have the ministries in the church to fill these responsibilities? if not he needs to mentor men to rise up to see these components are operating, he may also have to pray that God will send persons into the church to fill these roles.
  7. Maybe someone in the congregation shows potential and needs to be released into ministry to fill this vacancy, or be given training to “hone” his ability.
  8. Does the Captain realise that if the church is built around his ministry, burden and emphasis the church potentially is not being built “according to the pattern”.

We have unwittingly developed patterns and practices over the centuries that has limited the Church being built “according to the pattern” I would suggest the closer we get back to the N.T. pattern, the greater the real growth will be.

Below I am going to list some 11 things that I believe are ESSENTIAL COMPONENTS TO BUILD A LOCAL CHURCH. You may like to add more.

Corporate prayer Acts 4:24

Anointed Praise & Worship Psalm 100:4

The Preaching of the Word (with signs following0 Mark 16:20

The Teaching of the Word (Col. 3:16

Evangelism (Matt. 22:9

Biblical Discipleship Matt 28:18-20

Mentoring/Fathering 1 Cor. 4:15, 2 Timothy 2:2

Giving the Holy Spirit His rightful place in the church.

Unity Psalm 133

A Progressive Vision (having an eye for the cloud).not getting stuck in a rut, not being fearful to listen and obey God’s direction/

Missions (Home & abroad) Acts 1:8

Leadership Training (all types) kids, teens, men, women, music, worship etc, General & specific training).

Will you please approach this blog prayerfully, may we working with Jesus “build His Church. with His keys, and the gates of hell “shall not prevail Amen.

I think this blog will create some thinking and cause responses, I look forward to hearing from you.