15 October 2019


By John Ollis

Almost exclusively If you are an Evangelical Christian, or a Pentecostal Christian you believe the New Testament teaches what we call BELIEVER’S BAPTISM where a new Believer is immersed in water as a public testimony that that have been “buried with Christ, and have risen with resurrection life in them”.As Paul expresses it in Romans 6:4 NKJV Therefore we were buried with Him through baptism into death, that just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, even so we also should walk in newness of life.
We thank God for Reformers like John Calvin and Martin Luther who were used by God to bring the Church back to New Testament truth, interestingly when it comes to Believer’s Baptism they are silent, so, it was only a few years later God raised up a group of Believers who became known as Anabaptists, who saw the awesome truth of Baptism by immersion. From that time most Evangelical churches and of course Baptist churches only offer Baptism by immersion.
I cam across this acrostic recently on the word BAPTIST which to me spells out the important New Testament truths for all Evangelical/Pentecostal Believers.
BIBLICAL AUTHORITY. In all matters of faith and practice. We believe the Bible is inspired and infallible and is the final authority. It is from God’s Word that we understand and teach the fundamental doctrines of faith as well as pattern our church polity.
AUTONOMY Each local church is self governing and self propagating. The church answers directly to Christ the Head of the Church.
PRIESTHOOD OF ALL BELIEVERS. God’s Word assures all Believers that we have direct access to God through our relationship with Christ. We believe and teach that the priesthood of all Believers is the unspeakable precious privilege of every child of God.
TWO OFFICES WITHIN THE CHURCH. Scriptures only mentions two officers -Pastor/Elder/Bishop (used interchangeably in the N.T.)  These two offices are to be filled by those scripturally qualified in each local church.
INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY Each person must make a personal decision of repentance and faith in Christ. Without Christ there is no salvation.
SAVED CHURCH MEMBERSHIP Each member regardless of age, must give a testimony of salvation by grace based on faith,
TWO ORDINANCES Baptism of Believers and the Lord’s Table (also called Communion). Each is an act of obedience in following Christ.
I love these 7 statements, and whether you are part of a Baptist church or not, if you believe in Believer’s Baptism, you also would probably believe these 7 most important truths.
What do you think, I would appreciate your comments.  God bless you.