30 December 2019


By John Ollis

On Wednesday we usher in a new decade, what have learnt in the recent past? What are some of the regrets that have left their mark on us? What do we want to change???
I guess it is as a result of people asking these  and perhaps many other questions numerous times over the years, that the practice of making New Year Resolutions developed. Sadly we know that most resolutions, only last a few days or weeks before we slip back into old  habits and ways. A common resolution  is the decision to take more exercise, and change one’s diet, to improve one’s health, almost every week in Google news or social media there is a new diet promoted, and it would seem the majority of the audience are interested because of poor eating habits and being overweight that is a major problem in our nation and in all Western nations.

I am writing this blog as a Pastor/Preacher to ask you about your spiritual diet, our spiritual diet must include both prayer and reading and meditating on the Word of God. What makes me very sad is that because of lack of Biblical Discipleship many Believers have NEVER LEARNT TO FEED THEMSELVES, and so are badly undernourished, many Christians try and rely on the Sunday morning sermon, and wonder why they are not satisfied. None of us would naturally try and live on one meal a week, yet this is the case for so many Christians when it comes to spiritual food.

Do you have a Discipler/Buddy/Mentor? If you don’t you need to find someone as soon as possible.
Do you have a systematic Bible Reading program? If you haven’t I have a couple I could send you, my email address is [email protected]  if you would like them.
Do you know how to Meditate on God’s Word?
Do you know how to hear God’s voice speaking to you through the Scriptures?
Would you ask yourself these questions, and if you cannot answer yes to any or all of them,  you need to make a decision before the Lord (A New Year Resolution)  that you are going to change your spiritual diet, and learn to “Grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Please do it, you will never be the same again.