20 November 2020


By John Ollis

I guess it is 8 or 9 years since I began blogging, (1100+ later) and I want to record my thanks to the Lord for His blessing on my blogs. I can currently post them in WordPress, Twitter, and FB, and soon I should have my own website up and running.

It is very difficult for me to clearly ascertain how many read my blogs on F.B. and Twitter (if anyone can help me find out I would sure appreciate it.) I do know though for example well over 200 people from at least 10 different countries around the world have viewed and read my blogs so far this month through WordPress..

Although I served in various Bibles Colleges and taught in many in different parts of the world, my major areas of teaching are more Leadership/Church Growth and Missions, and as my primary ministry is that of a Pastor/Mentor I seek always to write my blogs from a Pastoral perspective, I do seek guidance when I touch on certain Theological areas.

So this simple blog is to say THANK YOU TO THE LORD for His blessing on my blogs, I do pray and trust, my Blogging Ministry will continue to expand, and be an increasingly greater blessing to many more people.

I sure appreciate the feedback I receive through those who have subscribed through WordPress (johnollis.wordpress,com) may this increase, for thosewho read them on FB and Twitter, please feel free to email me on [email protected].

Please pray with me that the Lord’s blessing will be upon my blogs for His glory, and and the blessing and encouragement of God’s people especially those in ministry.