16 February 2021


By John Ollis

I have written a number of times that this world pandemic is a “wake-up” call to the Church and every believer to return to the “old paths” and build their lives and churches “according to the pattern of the Word of God”.

I have also written a few times about a verse that is very special to me Psalm 2:8 NKJV Ask of Me, and I will give You the nations for your inheritance.
We believe these were words spoken to Jesus by our Heavenly Father, (in eternity past) and we know Jesus ever lives to make intercession for His people in all the nations of the world.

I trust you prayer life has changed in the last 12 months, and you have personally received this “wake-up” call, and you are seeking the Lord now more than ever for your family, your church your nation, and a lost and dying world.

I believe we can ask for the nations too, and I am praying for continents as well especially Africa and Asia, you may feel overwhelmed at the thought of praying for many nations at this time, can I suggest to you, that you ask the Lord to lay ONE SPECIFIC NATION ON YOUR HEART, and you start to intercede for that nation.

You may say “I do not know much about a nation/s” let me recommend you consider purchasing a book (not expensive) called OPERATION WORLD originally started and written by Patrick Johnstone (a missionary), now updated annually by others) which has so much information about every nation on the planet. These days even Google can give you lots of information too,, including how many Christians are in a particular nation, as well as the numerous world religions, like Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Jainism, Confucianism and Taoism etc, then add Communism, and false cults, and other radical political groups, and you will have much to pray about.

I believe every non-Christian world religion, cult and political extremism was born in the pit of hell, and it is time for the church to move in spiritual warfare against the “prince spirits” that are ruling the nations of the world, and see them cast down, and praying for much of the church, that it will wake up out its deception and that the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ will minister powerfully and effectively under an “open heaven”.

As we start Lent, let us not only have an awareness of what Christ did and does for you, but let us become more aware of a lost and dying world, that someone has said starts just 1 cm. from us.