11 March 2021


By John Ollis

I guess there is never a time when there are not prayer needs presented to us, either to do with people we know or other situations in the Body of Christ, or in the nations of the world that directly or indirectly effect the Church in that nation.

Most of us are aware of the military coup that has taken place in Myanmar, some may have seen the film on tv of a nun, kneeling before soldiers, seeking them to withhold their guns against people.

The Church is being impacted much in Myanmar, I want to encourage you to pray much for our fellow believers, as well as for the nation. Some of my readers may remember me, writing of my experience standing on a bridge looking into Myanmar and experiencing an intercessory burden for the nation. My visit not long after that experience was to me unforgettable, there was much blessing on my ministry but I felt the nation was under a demonic cloud of Buddhism. LET US INTERCEDE FOR MYANMAR

My first burden and vision in Asia was in January 1985 in Hyderabad India, that Jesus shall be Lord of India. Just recently the Indian Hindu government has passed an “anti-conversion” Bill, and now the police are turning a blind eye to attacks on Christians and church buildings. A Pastor has recently been arrested and charged for seeking to lead someone to Jesus. LET US INTERCEDE FOR INDIA.

We know the Word of God tells us there is much power in prayer, and God wants to answer our prayers, but the evil one seems to have deluded the Church when it comes to Intercession, and seeking God, may God’s people return again to the place of prayer, and make it the first resort, and not the last resort.

I sent out a personal prayer request a couple of days ago, as I have been feeling unwell, and extremely tired, I am so thankful I have many praying friends around the world who have indicated they would pray, there are signs in my body, that their prayers are working, and I would ask you to keep praying until I experience a real breakthrough in my body, I am 80 in a few months time, and there is so much I want to do, still as an instrument in the Lord’s hands, in the areas of Intercession, Blogging and Mentoring, I thank you in anticipation, and I give the Lord all the glory.