12 December 2021


By John Ollis

It is 12 days since I have posted a blog to my website, mainly because I have been struggling with the “aging process,” with the aches and pains and lack of energy and strength that goes with it, so would appreciate your prayer support, I honestly don’t know what my body is really capable of these days, I sure want to be fruitful an effective, and perhaps the Lord is wanting me to look at my situation and perhaps adjust my vision and transition to do other things.

I have also been very frustrated that with the new website, there is still not a place for people to contact/subscribe to my blog now, so I have no idea how many are actually reading them. If you are seeing and reading my blogs, could you let me know on [email protected] please.

I have been pondering much on how the Holy Spirit has been leading me into truth like never before, and I have to ask the question, why? Have I been so “thick” and so inflexible that I was not open to receive?

I have written numerous times in the last few years, how I ever thank the Lord that He led to us move to this area which caused us to move out of our “Pentecostal bubble”, and exposed me to some Godly brethren who have been such a blessing to me. All of them recognise that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are still available today, although they are all part of Evangelical (non Pentecostal) churches.

Church History has sure taught us that it is so easy to take truth to extremes and let your Theology and practice become unbalanced. I have always held that TRUTH MUST BE HELD IN BALANCE, but when you are locked into your “denominational bubble) you can actually be blind to the danger of taking truth to extremes and actually become unbalanced in your theology and practice. I would not dare say that everything in my life Biblically and Theologically is now totally balanced, but the change has been dramatic and life changing. I regret it took me so long to see this.

There is no doubt the “evil one” can have his grubby hands in this type of scenario, he cannot get you to commit adultery, or rob a bank etc, but can subtly discolour your thinking and understanding of truth.

My readers know I am committed to what I call Biblical Mentoring, but just as we must have “ears to hear” what the Holy Spirit wants to tells us, so we must not have closed minds to trusted, Godly men who know the Scriptures well, and also know the Biblical languages, and also the Principles of Interpretation (Hermeneutics) as once again we know how easy it is to takes Scriptures out of context and not interpret them in the light of the whole of the Word of God.

So here is some keys that may assist you, as they have helped me also.

Let us be TEACHABLE, and not have a closed mind to another perspective of truth.

Let us PRAY daily “Holy Spirit gives me ears to hear, and a heart to respond to Your Word”.

I may not be in a Pentecostal bubble any more, but the truth of surrendering oneself to the Lord and letting the Holy Spirit fill the house, and learning to live the surrendered life is as important as ever, and every Believer can have a “Prayer Language” and use it every day is still as important as ever in my life. This truth and experience after being born again, will ever be foundational essential truth to me.

Thank you Lord for Your leading and blessing.