7 June 2022


By John Ollis

The first blog in this new series was basically background and past history so my readers could get an idea of where I was coming from, and to then to testify where the Lord has taken me especially in these last 12 years of slowly moving out of full time ministry into retirement and moving geographically into a very different world and this has impacted us (all positively) in so many areas of our lives.

I have come to see I had lived in a PENTECOSTAL BUBBLE for about 50 years, and these blogs are a testimony to say thank you to the Lord for bursting this bubble and opening my eyes to so many things.

I basically concluded the last blog by my saying I moving out of the Salvation Army into the Pentecostal world.

I need to record that, the Lord has blessed me so much personally and in my ministry over these 50+ years, but I have also come to see I BECAME TOO BUSY and missed out on more understanding of many aspects of truth and blessing because I locked myself inside my Pentecostal bubble.

My readers know I love Church History, and how the Lord restored truth to His Church from the time called the Reformation, and of course this included the restoration of so many aspects of truth relating to the person and work of the Holy Spirit. We khow basically every denomination have at times taken truths to extremes and became unbalanced, but I was sure blind to the fact that there often developed numerous extremes and unbalanced emphases in the Pentecostal movement. Isn’t it awesome that the Lord is so gracious and continues to move through His servants despite their ignorance and often extreme or unbalanced practices. I may have written that I believe The Charismatic movement helped to bring balance in many areas of church life and practice. I am so thankful that the Lord has opened my eyes to these extremes. These extremes have rightfully brought much criticism and judgement, some even saying the Pentecostal Movement was of the devil. I will say here now THAT WE MUST LEARN NOT TO THROW OUT THE BABY (THE GLORIOUS TRUTHS) BUT TO THROW OUT THE DIRTY BATH WATER(EXTREMES.I also want to say I am still 100% committed to the Spirit filled life and all the Gifts of the Holy Spirit operating in the Church, including every Believer have a PERSONAL PRAYER LANGUAGE THAT THEY SHOULD USE EVERY DAY.

We know that truth is progressive and the Lord sure has revealed much truth to me over the years, but In hindsight I was unteachable in some areas. A common saying these days is “I HAVE HAD A LIGHT BULB MOMENT” and this has been my experience numerous times over the last few years and I want to thank God for them and for the Reformers who were used by the Lord to bring Biblical emphasis to truth of THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD, I have no problem with Rom.8:28 KJV And we know that ALL things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose. But in all honesty it had to suit me, but I have come to see that God is in complete control all the time. His ways and timing can be so different to mine, but His way is always the best way, Spurgeon says The Sovereignty of God is the pillow i can ever rest my head, this has been so liberating to me, I rejoice in it.

I will share more in my next blog.