17 July 2013


By John Ollis

Some Theologians will tell you because the words Logos and Rhema are often used interchangeably in the Greek text, there is no real difference in its meaning. God never wastes words, but uses them correctly, and  we believe the Bible is inspired (inbreathed) by the Holy Spirit then when Jesus and others used the word they were being specific and we need to be as well.

We see from Rom 10.17 that the Rhema produces FAITH,  and so we now come to the SHIELD OF FAITH.

The Roman soldier has access to two different types of shield, one that was small for close hand in hand conflict, and a much larger one that basically could cover the whole body. The Shield here is the large one to protect us.


Jesus tell us (Matt.17:15-21)  that FAITH can start as a seed as small as a mustard seed (one of the smallest seeds), and it must grow to produce the fruit of faith. In Mark 11:22-26 Jesus says :

  1. Have the faith of God
  2. Speak the word of god
  3. No doubting
  4. Believing

So when you receive a Rhema word from God a seed is born in our spirit, it will not  bear fruit unless it finds expression in our obedience:

  1. We must be willing  to obey to start the growth
  2. There has to be desire
  3. We must kindle (feed) that word that God gives us
  4. We must confess the Rhema word

To me the Rhema word if like a rose bud, and as you obey/desire/feed/confess that word it will continue to open until you have a beautiful rose.

In the context of our study, we use the Rhema word and confess it against the enemy and he must run away. But we need FAITH :

1.To grow in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ

2. To feed the vision God puts in our heart for:        Our family

                                                                                                Our ministry

                                                                                                Our church

                                                                                                Our community

So, the Sword of the Spirit and the Shield of Faith work in partnership together to cause us to fulfil the purposes of God in our lives in our generation.

The key word in Paul teaching that we must PUT ON or as the Nike slogan says