12 August 2013


By John Ollis

We now come to perhaps the most important key to building according to the pattern.

FOR THE BELIEVER: The Spirit filled life.

The same believers that were filled with the Holy Spirit in Acts 2.4 are filled afresh in Acts 4.31. This becomes the standard for believers in the new testament. Paul says in Eph. 5.18 Be continually filled with the Spirit, (present continuous tense) and then goes on in verses 19-21 to give us some keys on how to maintain the Spirit filled life:

Speaking in Psalms & Hymns and Spiritual songs. WE MUST HAVE A PRAISING HEART (God is worthy of our praise  whatever the situation). Not just in church but alone as well.

Giving thanks always WE must have a thankful heart (God is always worthy of our thanks whatever the situation). Where would you be today but for the Grace of God ???? Every good and perfect gift comes from above, lets than the Lord  and not take them for granted.

How do we do it ?? “In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ”  No name like JESUS

Mutual submission between all believers

Of course we must have a:

Regular devotional time (Quiet Time) getting alone with the Lover of our soul.

We must spend time in the Word of God regularly

If you have a prayer language use it EVERY DAY.

If every believer understood the necessity of the importance of be being continually filled with the Spirit their life would be so different in every way.

IN THE CHURCH: The Holy Spirit allowed to move.

Jesus is the Head of the Church and he wants the Holy Spirit to work through every part of the church.

In our services.

That every Singer & Musician carried a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit

The Worship Leader led by the Spirit in every song He chooses, and sensitive as he leads the service.

The Holy Spirit was free to move  in every part, and every believer participating not just being a spectator.

The Pastor preached under a choice anointing of the Spirit.

Then the Glory  of God would come down, and like the priests at the dedication of Solomon’s temple we would want to bow down and worship in Spirit and in truth.

Some people think I am an idealist, I want to aim as high as possible  and not be satisfied with anything less than God’s very best both for my life and for His Church.

The Holy Spirit wants rule in our business meetings too, in our small groups and every other type of activity we have in the local church.

There may have to be some changes made in your church, there may have to be some good solid teaching on this topic, but lets stop playing church and