12 August 2013


By John Ollis

We now come to an awesome key in the pattern.

THE NAME OF JESUS for the believer

Luke in Acts 4 tells us that Signs and wonders are performed not in the name of a denomination or a ancient saint, but “In the Name of Jesus”.

We have talked in “8 keys to protect the mind” the total importance  of understanding the authority we have to use the name of Jesus.

In the great Commission Jesus tells us that the authority the Father gave Jesus has been delegated to us. Many believers do not realise (received a Rhema word)  the authority that has been entrusted to them. The enemy hates that Name, and when we use it against his every attack, including sickness and disease he must take his grubby hands off the situation.

My pray for you today is that you have had a revelation of the authority we have “In the Name of Jesus”, it is an important key to assist us in walking in total victory before the Lord, and in all we do in the Kingdom of God. Paul actually says in Collossians (3.17) we must do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus.

THE NAME OF JESUS  in the church

To start and continue developing a church it must be birthed in the understanding that it is established and grows effectively because of the authority delegated to us “In the Name of Jesus. Sadly many churches are man made  and can even have a degree of success, but a church that is started and goes forward built on the pattern of the Word of God and in the authority of the Name of Jesus will experience the GLORY of God.

May we do everything in the local church “In the Name of Jesus whether it be:







Prayer for the sick and needy.

Taking our authority in His Name guarantees us His endorsement and blessing.

What is the Nike slogan  JUST DO IT.