27 November 2013


By John Ollis

It is about 3 weeks since I gave my last update so thought it was time I let you know what is happening in my world.

I am very happy to report that my recovery continues and every day I am feeling so much better.I did have a nasty fall a week ago that set me back a few days, I had real difficulty walking, but I can now say my walking is now at its best since the surgery over 9 weeks ago..

We did not get away for the week’s holiday as planned, partly because of the fall, but also a dear friend in the church here was hospitalised, she passed away yesterday. We are taking the weekend off leaving in the morning and back Sunday evening. I expect to be involved in the funeral which will take place next week.

Around the middle of December we will head toward Sydney to spend Christmas with our children.

Early January is the 50 year Reunion of my Salvation Army College class, I am looking forward to that very much, most I have not seen for many years. Surprisingly 45 have indicated their desire to be there. There were 43 students in the class (we were nicknamed Nescafe 43 beans etc) so after 50 years that is a great number.

Without me seeking it, I received my first confirmed invitation to teach in Indonesia  next year, and since then 3 more invitations for Indonesia and Malaysia. Early this year I honestly thought my overseas ministry had come to an end, I know I need to take things somewhat slower, and to assist me in that Margaret will travel with me on each of the trips.

There are 2 other cities in Indonesia I also want to return too, so am specifically praying that God would open doors to theses cities too.

Please keep in touch.