20 February 2014


By John Ollis

The birth of this BlogSpot over a year ago now, was as a result of health and mobility problems. These have sure not gone away, and I believe I have written recently to say that in a limited way I want to seek to do some overseas ministry this year, the first being in Indonesia with some 350+ students for a week of teaching, and will assess at the end of the week how my body handles it. The classes are 5-9 May, but the weekend prior and following I will be ministering local churches too.
Saying the above, I feel that apart from the local preaching here in my town, my main expression of ministry apart from mentoring of local Leaders here will be through my BlogSpot. I want to use it to be a great blessing to many people.
I have taught in Bible Colleges for many years many principles of leadership, do you think this would be a good next series,  please let me know ok ? I want to start next week.