2 June 2014


By John Ollis

The Holy Spirit has a mandate to the do many things for the believer.

1. We concluded in the last blog, that perhaps His prime ministry is to make us holy and prepare us for heaven.

2. He wants to empower us to be witnesses Acts 1.8  For many years it was assumed that every believer should be able to be a proactive witness to unbelievers. Many have come to see that most people may never be able to stand on a street corner, hand out tracts or speak one on one, but when we let the Holy Spirit so work in our lives people will be chasing us and saying “what is so different about you ? What has caused this change in your life ? Equally I believe the Lord wants to give us all creative ideas for us to communicate in someway the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

3.I believe the Holy Spirit wants to guide us to be “planted” in a local church, we cannot ever become a mature (well rounded balanced) Christian unless we are part of a local Body of believers. 

4. The Holy Spirit wants to lead us into all truth. We must have a teachable spirit, and a hearing ear, for much truth can come to us as we get involved in a local church, plus our daily eating of the Bread of Life (the Word of God).

5. The Holy Spirit wants to give us gifts. There are so many listed in the Scriptures.

(a) There are Motivational Gifts as recorded in Rom 12.6-8

Prophecy (insight)






(b) Spiritual Gifts as recorded in 1 Cor. 12

A word of Wisdom

A Word of Knowledge

The Gift of Faith

The Gift of Healings

The Gift of Discerning of Spirits

The gift of Miracles

The Gift of Prophecy

The Gift of Speaking in Tongues. (that requires the Gift of Interpretation in a Public service).

Some would teach that these gifts are not available in our generation, Let us not limit the Holy Spirit, as these are His Gifts, and as He presides in us, let us be available if he wants to use us.

It seems to me that the manifestation of tongues as recorded on the day of Pentecost (all 120 spoke in tongues) and the Gift of Tongues in 1 Cor. 12 are different expressions. It would seem to me by numerous references by the Apostle there is a prayer language  that believers can and should have. Paul talks about letting the Holy Spirit pray through us (Rom. 8). That he that speaks in tongues edifies himself (1 Cor.14).

The greatest renewal since the Day of Pentecost that started in the 1960’s around the world which we call the Charismatic Renewal has touched well over 500 million people, who now have a prayer language. Sadly, there has been extreme and sometimes fanatical behaviour, but lets not throw out the baby with the dirty bath water.

3. Ministry Gifts as recorded in Eph. 4.11

(a) Apostles

(b) Prophets

(c) Evangelists

(d) Pastors

(e) Teachers

Let me remind you, we do not go looking for Gifts, The Holy Spirit is the source of the Gifts He chooses as He wills we simply must be AVAILABLE  to serve and be the person God wants us to be.

There are many other aspects of the Holy Spirit’s ministry to us a believers, let us not limit Him in any way in our lives.