19 August 2014

Some things that have blessed me today

By John Ollis

As a result of one of my recent blogs I received a message yesterday from a guy who was a part time student at the College in Singapore when we were there (1998-99). Whenever I was in Singapore we would meet up, and I had the opportunity to Mentor him. His message was to express his thanks for my mentoring, and that he has duplicated it with the young people he is involved with in his local church. I was moved to tears.
At least 5 years ago I was preaching in a church in Jakarta, as I was sitting in the service the Lord spoke into my heart regarding the Worship Leader, and before I started to preach I called him out and spoke in his life. Probably 5 or six weeks ago I received a message from him saying he would be in Melbourne for a month and could we meet up. I said I was 120+ kms from Melbourne and would be in hospital. He messaged yesterday morning saying some friends were driving him to meet me, I was really surprised. When he arrived he told me he had been assisting a branch church with their worship for the last month, He had been sent from his church in Jakarta where he is a full time worker responsible for worship. He came to tell me the words I spoke into his life were life changing.
I was overwhelmed, and felt so blest. Twice in one day the Lord kindly let me hear these things.
Please do not think I am boasting (except in the Lord) for the privilege He has given me to speak into many leaders lives.
As in the first century the 21st century is crying out for Fathers and Mentors, if there are any who read this blog and I have had the opportunity to Mentor you, are you duplicating what I did with you and reproducing this with others ?
The church needs quality disciples who are in turn disciplemakers.