8 June 2017


By John Ollis

Just yesterday I began reading and meditating in the Book of Philippians, and was immediately impacted by verse one. I have written numerous times in the past regarding the principle that began in the Old Testament and continues through the New, that we must  build God’s House “according to the pattern” if we are to really see God’s best and His blessing in the local church.
Paul greets the Saints, then the Bishops and Deacons.  The word deacon from the Greek means servant, a very important function within the local church.
The word for Bishop from the Greek can also be translated Overseers, Elders, or Pastors. Interestingly it is used almost exclusively in the plural in the New Testament. It is the spiritual leadership  of the local church I want to talk about in this blog.
Paul clearly spells out the Spiritual, the Character, the Domestic and Ministry qualifications for Elders in His letters to Timothy and Titus.
Just as the Trinity is a plural team, I want to suggest that Eldership in the local church is  a plural team of leadership, but it is not a “many headed monster” but has a SET MAN, OR A CHIEF ELDER OR (if you like) THE CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM we generally call the Pastor. Both the Pastor and the other Elders need to recognise and appreciate the PLURALITY of leadership.  Some local churches are either Board (or Elders dominated) or some Pastors can become dictators.
Years ago I came across some Principles of TEAM MINISTRY that both the Chief Elder and  the other Elders need to understand and apply in their lives and ministries.
The Eldership need to see they are GOD JOINED, it is not simply a business relationship.
There must be a real RECOGNITION in each Elder regarding their gifts and ministries
They must have a strong COMMITMENT TO EACH OTHER
They must seek to build genuine spiritual RELATIONSHIPS with each other
They must spend quality time PRAYING together regularly
There must develop a MUTUAL SUBMISSION between each other
They must exhibit and develop a genuine HUMILITY between each other
They must seek to maintain a spirit of UNITY amongst themselves.
They must learn to be LOYAL to  each other
As in a marriage there must be constant regular COMMUNICATION between themselves
Because they are human, they must learn to FORGIVE each other, and not hold grudges
They must learn to HONOUR each other and especially the Chief Elder
They must develop and  maintain a SERVANT heart
They must seek to develop and maintain a PROGRESSIVE VISION for the church
And show real  LEADERSHIP  at all times.
Some who are reading this will say this is very idealistic BUT IT IS TOTALLY BIBLICAL.
What is the answer ? if we really want to build God’s House “according to the pattern of the Word of God”  MENTORING MENTORING MENTORING MENTORING MENTORING
Are there for example some young (youngish) men in your church? are you getting along side them and seeing their potential to be men of God, but also Elders in the church.
If we build right we get God’s results. Let’s build the church Amen.
My next blog (also from Philippians) will be about building OUR (personal) HOUSE “according to the pattern”.
Have a fantastic blessed weekend.