5 June 2018


By John Ollis

One does not expect to have a dramatic change of ministry at 76, but I could not be happier, I have written earlier feeling life was passing me by, as I physically had to recognise  that I could no longer travel, but what could I do in place of that? I am so thankful to the Lord that He had not forgotten me. Although I am committed to the importance of a daily QUIET TIME, areas like Intercession apart from the general expression was not a strong part of my life, I have felt like a novice, but the Lord is teaching me so much for which I will ever be thankful.
A chorus and a hymn has come strongly to me today, and I feel the Lord is saying to me, make sure you keep your priorities right:

  • 1. My walk with God
  • 2. The Great Commission
  • 3. Praying for others

Jesus take me as I am, I can come no other way, take me deeper into you, make my flesh life melt away, make me like a precious stone, crystal clear and finely honed, life of Jesus shining through, giving glory  back to you.
I put into practice every day Romans 12:1 and Present my body to the Lord, I want my body to be an instrument of righteousness, and an instrument of service for Him. Naturally speaking I ask myself “what can the Lord do with this “body” which is old and tired and wearing out”? If I was God I wouldn’t be bothered with it, but I am so glad He sees it differently, and as the chorus really expresses I want to be more like Jesus, and  as the Word says to be HOLY & ACCEPTABLE to the Lord, which is “my reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship”. AMP
Here the Lord of harvest sweetly calling, “who will go and work for me today? who will bring to me the lost and dying? Who will point them to the narrow way?”
Speak my Lord, speak my Lord, speak and I’ll be quick to answer Thee, speak my Lord, speak my Lord, speak and I will answer “Lord send me”
When the coal of fire touched the prophet, making him as pure as pure can be, when the voice of God said “Who will go for us”  then he answered “Here am I send me”.
Millions now in sin and shame are dying, listen to their sad and bitter cry; Hasten, brother, hasten to the rescue, quickly answer “Master here am I ”
Soon the time of reaping will be over; soon we’ll gather for the harvest home; May the Lord of harvest smile upon us , may we hear His blessed “Child well done”.
There are 5 young men on my daily prayer list I intercede for every day, all are backslidden,  none are in my area so I pray that the Lord would bring people across their path to share the glorious news with them, and I pray they will repent and return to the foot of the cross. I also have some unsaved family in the U.K. and Australia, and again I am praying that they will be loving confronted with the Gospel, and respond to the Lord’s claims on their lives. I am also aware that the Lord brings people across our paths and  I pray I will be alert to recognise their need/s and do my part personally in fulfilling the Great Commission Amen.
I was taught and believe that every believer should regularly pray intercessory prayers, but then the Lord chooses some people to “STAND IN THE GAP”  Ezekiel 22:30 NKJV So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it;  the verse goes on sadly, to say God did not fine anyone to stand in the gap.  I don’t think I understood what I was responding too, and some moths later I am still not sure where this will all take me, but with the Lord’s help and grace I will  seek to remain faithful, and learn and develop and deepen this new ministry.
On my list there are many ministries, but I have come to see I not only pray for their specific ministry (some in very difficult places) but also for their physical, emotional and mental health, for those on the front line are a target for the evil one, some have tremendous responsibilities, and don’t seem to have enough hours in each day to do all that is before them, and thus the temptation to get too busy, and not personally pray enough themselves, and then to function in “auto pilot” and lean on their  human understanding and experience, and only be a “Word” person, when they need to be both a “Word & Spirit” person. So I am slowly learning how important this new ministry is, would you pray for me please that I will not get slack and lazy, and too busy, but learn to “wrestle with God” for these awesome servants of God. We know we are living in very significant days, the Church of Jesus Christ is struggling in so many places, and evil seems to be so prevalent everywhere, and surely the Lord’s return is so much closer.