9 June 2018


By John Ollis

Do you ever ask yourself the question WHEN WILL I EVER LEARN?  Or need to quote the words from the old hymn “TELL ME THE STORY OFTEN FOR I FORGET SO SOON”. I wrote recently, that after 66 years as a Christian I had to re-learn the lesson again that IN everything (without exception) I must give thanks. not for everything but IN everything, for our God is always worthy of our thanks and praise.
I have been very drawn I believe by the Holy Spirit to spend some time in the book of James recently, and I have been reading and re-reading it, and meditating in it, and find virtually every verse is or can be a RHEMA word. I must admit that I have always been conscious of the  many Scholars and Commentators who have been critical of the book because of it emphasis on works, and that it has been described as a BOOK OF STRAW! Thus as I have read it previously my response has always been “filtered” through these criticisms, I am sorry to confess. The reality is, that we all have our biases and our thinking and interpreting is filtered through these things. Did not Jesus say the Holy Spirit WILL LEAD US INTO ALL TRUTH, and if our hearts are clean, and we understand the basic principles of interpretation and keep everything in balance, and pass what I am reading through the Cross and interpret it in the light of the New Covenant, the Holy Spirit will confirm the truth of the Word of God to us. So Again I have to confess, “Lord forgive me” and lead me into all truth.
Only yesterday I was spoken too very harshly, and I in my heart I reacted, because what was said and how it was said was totally wrong, but I foolishly held that hurt to my heart, and of course I lost my peace and joy, I WAS THE LOSER, so again I had to repent, because I was wrong despite what was said to me.


I can at least say I am seeking to learn much more quickly, but am I such an idealist that I could respond instantly, it is too easy to blame the evil one, or my sinful nature, when GREATER IS HE WITHIN ME THAN THE EVIL ONE WHO IS IN THE WORLD.
With the lord’s grace, I want to respond ever quicker. I am sad I have to write this blog today, I trust it may help you, and like me seek to learn to lean on the Grace of God MORE AND MORE AMEN.
I do trust you have a blessed weekend.