1 August 2020


By John Ollis

I thought the last blog in this series was the conclusion, but I have seen an exciting truth that I need to include in this series. Once again as is my practice before I put anything in writing I like to check it out with my Greek scholar friend who confirmed that the Greek language and tense confirms what I have seen. Oh how we thank God the Holy Spirit wants to lead us into ALL truth, but with all my years as a Christian I believe it is always wise to check out what I feel the Holy Spirit is saying, as I sure do not want to get into error. I have probably mentioned before that neither do I want ever want to be seen as a Christian who by the things he says and does, indicates he is more devil centred than Jesus centred, equally I have come to see our enemy is very happy if we don’t mention or spotlight him or his activities.

Paul’s teachings especially in Ephesians 6:10-18 strongly emphasises we are in a STATE OF WAR, and you can’t be a part time soldier in this war. This series has highlighted again to me the desperate need for Biblical Discipleship, which not only includes how to develop a intimate relationship with the Lord, through prayer and the Word and being planted in a local church, but also what is the Believer’s inheritance obtained for us through the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ which includes this set of armour that is available to us, (to deal with our enemy) but we need a Disciples-maker to help us recognise which piece of armour we need, PUT it on and learn how to use it effectively.


An awesome truth that continues to bless me that relates very much to this whole area of teaching is that we discover that in the Greek language there is a PRESENT CONTINUOUS TENSE, simply meaning that when it is used in the Greek text, it is not a one off action but must be done continually. For example, Rom.12:1 we must CONTINUALLY present our bodies in surrender to the Lord, in Eph. 5:18 we must learn to be CONTINUALLY filled with the Holy Spirit, and in this context we must CONTINUALLY put on the whole armour of God.

I understand this principle to be that we must be PRO=ACTIVE and ever prepared in advance for the enemy’s attack.

This final blog is also a personal testimony, to the Lord answering my prayer, as we know our enemy is very subtle and deceptive and will sneak up on us, and he can gain a foot hold and we are not aware of it, this had become my experience and relates to some health issues I have connected to the aging process. (I am 79 in a few weeks time).

The general interpretation when we read Eph. 6:10-18 is that when we become aware of the enemy’s attack we immediately go on the DEFENSIVE and use our armour against him.

I asked my Greek scholar friend does the Greek text suggest a PRO-ACTIVE position where we could move OFFENSIVELY against the enemy even when we are not aware of a specific attack from him, he studied the passage and the answer is YES,YES,YES, not only can we move defensively against our enemy but offensively as well, in other words PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE.

So, at the beginning of the day, and last thing at night, I prepare my heart for prayer, Confession. Repentance, and Surrender, then resist the enemy:

I use the words of Michael the archangel and say “The Lord rebuke you!”, Jude 9

I remind him, the blood of Jesus is against him,

that I have authority “In the Name of Jesus” against him,

I confess the Word of God against him:

1 John 4:4, Rom. 8:37, Phil. 4:13

and tell him to flee, and he must because the Word of God says so.

I then enter “His gates with Thanksgiving, His court with Praise, and enter the throne room in Worship.

My friend reminded me that this teaching is not just to the individual Believer but to the Church, so I can stand against the enemy for a fellow Believer (who may be oblivious to an attack), and I have done this for a close friend and the RESULTS HAVE BEEN AMAZING.

I have never heard this pro-active offensive teaching before, but the Word of God confirms it, and I encourage you to start taking a PRO-ACTIVE OFFENSIVE STAND against our enemy and SEE HIM FLEE.

I look forward to your comments and hearing the results.

In simple terms we have an IMPORTANT part to play in our walk with the Lord and our growing in grace and the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, because of lack of Discipleship many Believers sit around “waiting” for God to intervene especially when we come under attack, remember James 5:8 NKJV tells us Therefore SUBMIT to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

We must do our part SURRENDER/SUBMIT and then we can then RESIST the enemy and he must run away.