13 November 2020


By John Ollis

I read some words today penned by Horatio Bonar (1808-1889) a Scottish Free churchman and well known poet and hymonodist, he wrote:

The time is short!

If thou wouldst work for God it must me now

If thou wouldst win the garland for thy brow, redeem the time.

Shake off earth’s sloth! Go forth with staff in hand while yet ’tis day;

Set out your girded loins upon the way, up, linger not,

Fold not thy hands! What has the pilgrim of the Cross and Crown

to do with luxury or couch of down, on pilgrim on!

With His reward He comes, He tarries not, His day is near; when men least look for Him He will be here, PREPARE FOR HIM.

We know the Apostles lived with the expectation Jesus would return in their life time, here we are now in the 21st century and Jesus has still not returned. We all know 2020 will go down in history as probably the most momentous year in history, and yet the majority of believers are seemingly not concerned enough to seek the Lord and draw nearer to Him for surely there are signs everywhere suggesting the Lord’s return is drawing ever closer.

In the past, God has often used persecution to stir the Church and for example in China today the Church there is experiencing much persecution by the nation’s communist government, surely we can learn from history and SEE THE SIGNS, AND START TO LOOK UP FOR OUR REDEMPTION DRAWS NEAR. Does the Lord have to send persecution to the Australian Church to wake it up? I sure do not want persecution, and am praying the Holy Spirit will help me to see the urgency of the day, and seek the Lord like I have never sought Him before.

Can this simple blog challenge us all, to see the signs, and let them stir our hearts to seek the Lord. I also have many family loved ones who do not know the Lord or who are backslidden I do pray for them daily, but I need to get more serious and “stand in the gap for them”, almost all of them are hundreds and thousands of mile away overseas, but I want to pray more earnestly that people will come across their path, and the Lord would create circumstances for them to consider His claims on their lives, and the Holy Spirit would draw them to a place of repentance.

Let us unite our hearts to seek the Lord.